Zero BS CRM Update v1.20 – Transaction tagging, Country Code Support, Customer Search and UX Improvements

We’re BACK. With another jam packed update to Zero BS CRM. This update is fantastic and contains a LOT of improvements. Before we go into the improvements. Do you see the ZBS CRM feedback form? We read all the feedback and this feedback helps guide the course of the CRM. You can give us feedback here.

User Experience Improvements

User Experience. While it doesn’t necessarily mean new features. It does mean that the CRM plugin gets easier to use. This means you won’t get p*ssed off with an over complicated admin layout. The most common theme in all our feedback has been that the CRM makes the WordPress admin menu a mess. We didn’t do this on purpose. Since the CRM is a really powerful tool we built it on the basis that it would be used as a stand-alone CRM. This is where the ‘Over-ride WordPress’ option comes in. This option gets rid of all the ‘WordPress’ standard blog type elements. It made your admin dashboard into a pure CRM.

This is still useful if you want to run your WordPress install as just a CRM (e.g. but from the feedback it is apparent that a large proportion of you want to run the CRM alongside the rest of your site. So we’ve listened. We’ve built into v1.2+ a new homepage. You can see it below this is the slimline menu option. You can find the menu layout settings under Zero BS CRM – Settings



This layout hides all of the ‘Customers’, ‘Quotes’, ‘Transactions’ menus from your admin menu (leaving you with the usual WordPress menus) you can access all Zero BS CRM related options though the homepage (shown below)


By default we hide all of the admin menu options (such as Customers, Contacts, Invoices, Quotes, Transactions, Data Tools, Mail Campaigns) and leave you with just the usual WordPress options.

The other layout options are still in there though, your menu layout options are now


This is the option which was causing the most confusion with users of the CRM. It made the admin menu look cluttered. Check it out. What do you think. It has posts, pages, media, customers, transactions, etc etc etc.



This one is personally my favourite layout. It trims down the menu and makes it all easy to access. I do like the addition of the new homepage to all three layouts regardless of which you choose. This will make the CRM easier to use for everyone and you have the choice over which layout you want for your CRM dashboard. It does away with the posts, pages, media etc leaving just the CRM menu items.



Customer Search

We’ve also had a lot of feedback around customer ‘fields’ and customer tags (and how best to store customers so they can be filtered). This release brings the start of a very powerful customer search. At the moment you can search by customer name. But the user interface for the new search also lets you search within a tag (and makes adding a customer tag easier). First, a bit about ‘customer tagging’. Have a look at the new customer search UI (found under the ‘Tools’ menu) or accessed via the new homepage.


Customer tagging is a way of, well you guessed it, tagging your customers with a commonality. I’ve not tagged all the customers in the screenshot above. But what this allows you to do is tag, then by clicking on a tag it will bring up a list of the customers who have that tag. This is great for things like

  • Tagging customers with a product they’ve purchased (like I have done above)
  • Tagging customers with a brand-name (if you operate a number of different businesses)

It’s a great way of drilling down into your customer data. Once you’ve got a filtered list (by tag, or by search) you can export them into a CSV file by clicking the export button (duh). 🙂 We’ve also made it easier to find the link to importing customers and adding a new customer manually.

There’s improvements coming to the core to allow a deeper search (such as telephone, or email) but this is a great start to being able to really analyse your data and then do stuff with it (like export to CSV and then put through your super duper spreadsheet xyz).

Transaction Tagging

Transaction tagging is new in v1.2+. This gives you the ability to tag your transactions. What’s that you say? When you add a transaction you can now categorise it with a tag. Some common uses of tags are:-

  • Paid
  • Refunded
  • Charge-back

This added functionality is great for some of the features we have planned down the line.

Country Support

You can now add ‘Country’ to your Customers (or Contacts). Great if you run a global small business.

Bug Fixes and Core Improvements

Every bug has software… we’ve fixed a number of bugs with the invoicing. This includes things like tax being added if you’ve input a tax rate then un-ticked the box saying you don’t want tax. Same with discounts. We’ve also improved the core by re-factoring a lot of the code and making it much easier to navigate and develop additional features.

We’ve also added some security updates, in previous versions you could view the customer on the front end (just the name of the customer) but this has now been tightened up so you can’t view on the front end. Make sure you update to the latest version via  your WordPress dashboard.

Future updates

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Posted November 16, 2016

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