Zero BS CRM Update v1.1.12 – Logging Activities

Another week and another CRM feature added to Zero BS. v1.1.12 now has activity logging!

(You can always grab the latest version from the ZBS CRM repository, always, just hit download in the top right of this page.)

Activity logging

You get a call. It’s Harry. Harry wants to talk about the new job he’s got to hire a freelancer for. Harry says you should meet on Tuesday. You meet, sell him well and get the opportunity to quote.

… that’s a chunk of useful information right there. Three, maybe four points of intel that’d help if you remembered them, or if your team mate, (or sales team people), could see at first glance.

Now with Zero BS CRM, you can, (v1.1.12+). Before, users were dumping all this info into Notes, and while this works, it’s not pretty. Logging, however, will be 😀

We’ve just added our first proper logging system against customers, and it’ll be expanded upon with the next update (next week), where we’ll add logging to companies (B2B mode CRM stuff), and also more power over the way you log activities (and automatic logs!)

  • Log calls, meetings, emails, invoices, quotes, transactions, facebook posts, tweets and more
  • Create an audit-trail of lead/customer changes
  • Share intel on leads with the rest of your team, (or remember them easily!)
  • Start creating your own “customer relationship story”
  • Simple to use (as ever), and of course, free!

Activity Logs in the Zero BS CRM

Here’s the changelog for v1.1.12 of ZBS Customer Relationship Manager for WordPress

  • Added: Logging (Log calls, emails, quotes, invoices, purchases against customers)
  • Added: Logging Icons
  • Added: Logging of tweets & facebook posts
  • Added: Custom Footer Text & option to enable/disable it from Zero BS CRM Settings
  • Added: Review ZBS CRM to footer of ZBS pages
  • Tidied up: Companies metabox code

Thanks for checking this update! Keep watching Zero BS CRM, because we’re not stopping 😉

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Posted August 2, 2016

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