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Since we create Zero BS CRM for ourselves, then launched it to you, the good people, we’ve had so many kind and helpful comments & reviews that we thought we would share them here. Thank you to each and every user and reviewer, you really help us build a better CRM which truly serves us and the WordPress entrepreneurial community.

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We’re most thankful for the customer reviews, which you can see below, but we’ve also had our CRM plugin featured on many of the important WordPress blogs (here’s a few of the 20+):

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Unlike many other plugins, Zero BS is so easy to understand and work with. Still, it has all the features you will need to run your business more easily. If you’re working with clients, this is a must-have plugin for WordPress!

@ijurisic87 (

Zero BS CRM is a really great plugin for WordPress CRM.

John @centerklik (

Sweet CRM – really lives up to the title. Simple to use, no extra frills (not tried their extensions yet, but will).

@frederickgarcia (

WOOOOOW! We found the real ultimate WP CRM plugin!
The name is perfect! Zero BullSh’t! 🙂 Congratulations and thanks for your talent guys!

@hackerbusinessexpert (

we’re finally appropriating the CRM plugin No.1 in the world, this Zero Bull Sh’t WP CRM is potentially the ultimate NO BS CRM without paying a dime for expensive CRM software like Infusionsoft… 🙂 It can be connected with your email autoresponder, like AWeber, Convertkit etc… Thanks very very much to these AWesome developers and disruptive entrepreneurs….

@schumyalonsohamilton (

Works like a charm!
It’s all CRM that I (you) need.
No hustles; no b**s***.
Congrats guys,
Thank you.

@henrygr (

Thank you! No one in my experience has ever gave so much attention to user report/issues/bugs. Really appreciate your efforts.

Murtaza Freelance Web Developer

Simple, easy to use and versitile. So far it is just what I was looking for.

@jamie137 (

I just started using this plugin and so far it is perfect for my needs. Very simple and minimal, but you can add you own custom fields if you need to store more specific info.

@jstneti (

Thank you for the great CRM plugin, just what I need 😉

@eleven1982 (

Paypal integration was smooth as silk and works perfectly thanks.

I am amazed how responsive you guys are. Keep up the good work.

Scott of

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