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I just can't sing your praises enough today! You guys are doing a fantastic job on the CRM - keep doing what you're doing ...
P.S. If you guys were around the corner, I'd being buying the rounds tonight!
Markus Griebling on Zero BS CRM
Markus Griebling
The good news is I can write you a testimonial stating that since I made the switch to you guys we have generated over $2,500 in sales.
C.S. Canada
Your stuff is far superior. No comparison.
Dave Scribner
Hello to all. I am new to the ZBS World, although Mike and Woody may say I have been around too long already!! Anyways, I want to give a big "thank you" to the responsive nature of both Mike and Woody. You guys are awesome! .
Curt Skene
Too cool! I just setup a zap to add a new ZBS customer as a outlook contact. Big workflow savings.
Paypal integration was smooth as silk and works perfectly thanks..
I just wanted to let other people looking for a top-notch FREE CRM know that I am very satisfied with this plugin. I have since decided to purchase the paid version simply to help support these folks.
Nice program! Keep up the good work.
Jelle Jan Dijkstra
Even better than any big box enterprises’ software out there. We’ve tried many complicated online solutions and cloud integrations in the past and now we’ve simply found THE solution!
Rocco Vittorio
Thank you for the great CRM plugin, just what I need 😉
Wow what a great find. You need to check this out. TIP: Learn how to use Custom Fields and Field sorting and this is AMAZINGLY GOOD. Support is fast friendly and excellent. Their plugins / addons are very reasonably priced. If your looking for a CRM add on for WordPress you would have a hard time finding anything better.
Tried a few different CRMs, this was my fav. Not too complex and just worked.
Zero BS CRM is a really great plugin for WordPress CRM.

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Unlike many other plugins, Zero BS is so easy to understand and work with. Still, it has all the features you will need to run your business more easily. If you’re working with clients, this is a must-have plugin for WordPress!
I am amazed how responsive you guys are. Keep up the good work.
Thank you! No one in my experience has ever gave so much attention to user report/issues/bugs. Really appreciate your efforts.
Thanks a lot for providing this plugin! As Wordpress Users this gives us a real alternative to chose WP as our CRM instead of SuiteCRM...
Christian Schuster
So far, I like ZBS a lot. All seems to work as one would expect. Import from Woocommerce is especially helpful. As will MailChimp and the Sales Dashboard. I like being able to resend the various emails associated with a sale.
I am pretty excited about this tool.
I’m loving seeing you guys are always hard at work with what feels like weekly updates. I’m loving that ZBS is coming on in leaps & bounds..
Sweet CRM – really lives up to the title. Simple to use, no extra frills (not tried their extensions yet, but will).
WOOOOOW! We found the real ultimate WP CRM plugin! The name is perfect! Zero BullSh’t! 🙂 Congratulations and thanks for your talent guys!
we’re finally appropriating the CRM plugin No.1 in the world, this Zero Bull Sh’t WP CRM is potentially the ultimate NO BS CRM without paying a dime for expensive CRM software like Infusionsoft… 🙂 It can be connected with your email autoresponder, like AWeber, Convertkit etc… Thanks very very much to these Awesome developers and disruptive entrepreneurs….
Works like a charm! It’s all CRM that I (you) need. No hustles; no b**s***. Congrats guys, Thank you.
Zero BS CRM is an amazing CRM that runs on WordPress. I use it extensively in my business relationship management role. Fantastic.
Wendy Lam
Simple, easy to use and versitile. So far it is just what I was looking for.
I just started using this plugin and so far it is perfect for my needs. Very simple and minimal, but you can add you own custom fields if you need to store more specific info.
Zero BS CRM is my new favourite plugin. I have had lots of issues using various invoicing tools. With Zero BS I can just give people access to a client portal and all their bills are within. Keep up the good work guys.

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I got 99 problems, but Zero BS CRM ain't one. I run this town with this CRM.
Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things. Zero BS CRM is an incredible thing
Taylor Swift
I wasn't scared! I was singing! I was singing my scream song. Wooaah! Wooaaooh! I love ZBS CRM!!
Jake the Dog
Now, this is a story all about how / My life got flipped-turned upside down. On the playground was where I spent most of my days till I found ZBS CRM. Wow. I'm now gettin Jiggy wi it.
Will Smith
Ay, caramba! Zero BS CRM is my favourite CRM in Springfield.
Bart Simpson
If Hilary used ZBS CRM, she might have won :) Having ZBS CRM at the centre of your operations is a no brainer.
Donald Trump
I'll be back (going to check my CRM).
How you uh, how you comin' on that business you're working on? Been workin on that for quite some time, huh, using Zero BS CRM will help you reach your goals quicker.
We use Zero BS CRM to manage our cross promotion efforts. AND it helps us plan when to have our next beers! Love it
Bender & Homer

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To say this simply, Zero BS CRM has all the functionality that you’d expect from a serious CRM platform, such as SalesforceIQ or something.
eWeb DesignRead Review
Zero BS CRM has been around for about a year and is already making big moves in the WordPress customer relationship management market. The main CRM plugin is, as the title suggests, fantastically easy to use, but it’s also cheap, or free.
WP MayorRead Review
I like that there is an option to use it for firms rather than individuals contacts because that suits some B2B businesses. And I like that Zero has an option to allocate roles to editors, which protects essential info to admins.
Product HuntRead More
No matter what stage of your business you’re at you should start using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).
Modern EntrepreneurRead Review
Zero BS CRM is an Open Sourced piece of software running on WordPress as the CMS. It gives you everything you need to start managing your customer relationships. Keep everything in one place (customer records) and invoice your customers and collect payments (logging as transactions).
WP ExplorerRead Review
Zero BS CRM is, in our opinion, the easiest and best CRM for WordPress. One thing we particularly love about the CRM is the ability to Sync it with WooCommerce. There’s so much that this CRM can do (included in the free version) that means you should definitely give it a go.
Wisdm LabsRead Review
With plugins like this, especially since they are low-cost and allow you to control your data, WordPress is becoming the perfect choice for customer relationship management (CRM). With this plugin, you avoid monthly costs and overly complicated software that can slow your site down.
CRMs should be central to everything you do. If you’re not running a CRM for your business or your side projects then you should be. With Zero BS CRM it’s even easier and much more accessible than ever before.
Premium CodingRead Review
There is a handful of WordPress CRM’s that are up to scratch. We’ve tried WP ERP, WP-CRM, UPi, WP-Invoice, and they aren’t all bad. What we love about Zero BS CRM, though, is their simple take on what can be over-complicated functionality.
WP ArenaRead Review
There are a lot of developers who claim their plugins are simple & easy to use. But once you get your hands on that particular plugin, more often than not you get disappointed. So, after checking Zero BS WordPress CRM, we decided to take things slowly. It’s a CRM, so we expected a complicated software disguised as a straightforward plugin. We prepared ourselves for confusing settings and customer management… oh, could have we been any more wrong?!
First Site GuideRead Review
A useful little free CRM, but really powerful once you buy extensions. The extensions are relatively cheap ($19-$129), compared to and others that cost you that monthly. It’s a fair trade. It’s easy to see why hosting your own CRM is cheaper & more secure than putting all your data in a big-name CRM SaaS
WP DeanRead Review
CRM’s can be hosted independently OR installed as a WordPress plugin inside the dashboard of your WordPress website. Some of them are free and some of them can cost thousands of dollars a month. But there is one thing a lot of them have in common, and that’s BLOAT! Too much unnecessary features you may or may not use. That’s where Zero Bullshit CRM comes in and gives us something different!
Ravenous RavenRead Review
The best products are born when the creators are looking for a solution that just doesn’t exist on the market, so they decide to build it themselves. That is how the Zero BS WordPress CRM plugin was born. The creators need a CRM for one of their websites, but the available solutions like Salesforce were too expensive and too complicated to install and use. There were some self-hosted solutions available, but they looked obsolete.
Daily Blog TipsRead Review
If you’re looking for a simple and free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution for your business you should try Zero BS CRM. Zero BS CRM is a no nonsense Customer Relationship Manager plugin for WordPress that’s free and easy to use. With ZBS CRM you can create your own self hosted CRM using WordPress. It allows you to keep all your customer information in one place and manage all your leads and customers directly from your WordPress site (or a separate install if you like)..
Premium WordPressRead Review

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