Zero BS CRM: Product Update #1

Welcome to our first product update on the Zero BS CRM blog.  We wanted to change how we communicated product updates with you and combine the updates into a regular blog post running through the product improvements.

These product updates will cover what we’ve been working on and will cover

  • What we’ve added, improved or fixed in the core.
  • Any new extensions which we have released in the month.
  • Any updates to existing extensions (and what’s changed in them).

Core Updates

It’s been a busy month with the core updates. We’ve been working on a lot of refinements and bug fixes throughout. The core updates will be grouped into various sub-heading depending on which area we’ve improved in the core of the CRM.


The Activity log has been improved to link into any emails sent from the Mail Campaigns extension. You can now see when you sent a particular user an email.


We’ve updated the invoice builder to fix some bugs around sending test invoices. We’ve moved the send test box to underneath the invoice (rather than through a modal, which was interfering with other WordPress modals).

We’ve also improved the alert messages to be prettier if an invoice was attempted to be sent before an email was added in the ‘bill to’ field.

New Extensions

We’ve been busy listening to feedback from your individual use cases and are happy to be able to share that we’ve built a couple of new extensions on the back of the requests you’ve been sending us.

WorldPay Sync

First up, you may have seen that we’ve released the WorldPay Sync extension. This links up to your WorldPay account and imports your order information and customer details. It’s been our most requested Sync extension following on from PayPal Sync and WooSync.

Sync extensions are great if you have been using a service like PayPal, WooCommerce or WorldPay for a few years and want to get your data into your CRM.

You could import them using CSV files, but the beauty of these Sync tools is once you’ve imported your data they keep your CRM up to date with any new orders that come in. So you don’t need to keep downloading CSV files and re-uploading them.

Stripe Sync

Just like the WorldPay Sync, we’ve now added another Sync extension, Stripe Sync. This connects your Zero BS CRM to your Stripe account and imports the orders and customer information

Extension updates

We’ve also made some improvements to existing extensions.

Sales Dashboard

We’ve pushed an update through to the Sales Dashboard extension which now gives you the ability to filter the dashboard based on the transaction tag.

Why should you care about this? Through being able to filter by transaction tag you can segment your CRM sales data and see exactly which parts of your business is turning over what each month.

For example, Mike uses this functionality over at Epic Plugins to be able to split the revenue down between Plugin Sales, Theme Sales and Freelance work for his transparency reports.

Mail Campaigns UI Improvements

We’ve also spent a good chunk of time improving the UI of the Mail Campaigns extension

As well as making it clearer how to use the extension, we’ve tidied up the UI and fixed a bug which meant Mail Merge tags weren’t being inserted into the final sent email

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Posted May 31, 2017

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