What is a self hosted CRM anyway? Who cares?

Self hosting. It’s what Zero BS CRM runs on. But what does it mean? It’s really quite simple. Apologies if you already know the term but I wanted to write this post in case you haven’t come across the term. If you have come across the term, this post will still be useful as it will cover why we care (and why you should too).

You can host your own party. Or you can go to someone else’s party. Self-hosting is having your own party!

The CRM party. What happens if you go to someone else’s party?

  • They are the centre of attention
  • People may pay them money to enter the party.
  • At the end of the day, everyone talks about THEIR party
  • Once the party is over. You have to leave.

The same can be said for ‘SaaS’ type offerings. Take a look at something like SalesForce. They host a great party. However to be at their party you have to

  • Give them your customers (they hold your data)
  • You have to keep giving them money to stay at their party
  • If you want to stop paying them money they kick you out of the party – you don’t get to keep the fun
  • At the end of the day you may be left with a CSV file of your data which you’ve exported. With no tools to analyse the data!

Now. Let’s take a look at your own party. Your very own CRM party. If you decide to self-host your own CRM you get all the fun. Sure, you may pay for some of the party goods (like any of our amazing extensions) but once you’ve bought the goods for your own party. They’re yours. You get to keep them.

You only buy the party supplies once. You can then use it for as long as you like at the party. If you decide you don’t want to upgrade your speaker system to the latest model then that’s fine. You can still keep your old speaker system. It will still play those tunes you love. It will still keep your customers happy.

That’s not forgetting your friends. If you want to bring some friends to the party to talk to your customers – you’ll have to pay a fee for them too..

Woah wait. I thought this was about CRM’s what the heck are you going on about Mike…

Sorry. I’m in a party mood. It’s almost Christmas. Let’s break this down into Zero BS CRM links to my analogy above….

  • Zero BS CRM – this is YOUR HOUSE. It’s free to download and have your house.
  • Extensions – these are OPTIONAL party favours. The speaker system for example.
  • Customers – this is YOUR DATA. They live in your house at your party. We don’t kick you or them out of the (free) house.
  • Friends – these are your employees. At your own party you don’t have to pay for extra employees to be at your party (unless you pay them a salary to attend).

Extension updates. If an extension has a ‘billed annually’ for future updates. This is the equivalent of upgrading your speaker system. Sure the old speaker system will still play all your favourite party tunes. But if you wanted to you could update to the latest, greatest version.

Why should you care about self hosting?

With self-hosting. You’re in control. You get to decide exactly what you want your party to have. Remember the great SalesForce party I told you about earlier? It costs a fair bit for each employee you have at their party. That’s the $x per user, per month billing system. This is because their party has a heck of a lot going on.

They have millions of OTHER people’s customers at the party. So they need a HUGE house for the party. Sure your customers only take up a small part of the party. But YOU still have to pay for the overheads of that massive house they’re holding the party in.

With self-hosting you just pay to run your own house (these are your web-hosting costs). You can control exactly who accesses the party (just your own employees) and you don’t have to worry about someone ELSE’s party getting broken into and all the sweeties stolen.

Of course you still need to protect your own house against break ins – but you can do this with more control than you ever could over someone else’s party that you don’t have the keys too.

Another benefit is your customers won’t get lost at the party, or your employees won’t get confused with all the extra things going on at the party which they don’t even need to know about.

In recap – what’s the benefits of a self-hosted CRM


To boil this whole fun blog post down. Here’s my list of the top benefits of hosting your own CRM (and in particular OUR CRM)

  • The data is on your own server – you can control the security much easier than someone else’s
  • You can control exactly which features you want your CRM to have
  • You can control exactly which employees can access which feature
  • You can host the CRM for as long as you like, for free
  • You can extend the CRM to do whatever you like (with our optionalextensions) and pay only once for that additional feature

No Bullsh*t here

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Posted November 29, 2016

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