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Supercharging WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress. Find out how to use it effectively with ZBS CRM.

The Best WooCommerce CRM

WooCommerce is the leading solution for running your online store through WordPress. Selling through your site but not managing your customer relationships is like running a marathon wearing only one shoe.

See your shop orders in your CRM

Zero BS CRM integrates with WooCommerce and makes sure your WooCommerce orders are reflected against your CRM contact.

  • See contact source
  • See total value
  • Contacts tagged with item name
  • See full history

Easily email, message or make notes about each person in your CRM.

Manage Sales Processes

Zero BS CRM helps you see which contacts are at which stages of WooCommerce shop order and you can map those order types to specific contact statuses.

Through using contact statuses you and your CRM team can help manage more contacts towards being customers of your business.

Then, through continued contact relationship management turn more customers into advocates.

Easy Invoices

Make it super easy for your customers to download PDF invoices for their orders and view them online. All automated with Zero BS CRM and all in once place.

Import all previous WooCommerce Orders

The real power of Zero BS CRM comes when you have a complete picture of what your customers have purchased, and their total value to you. Through the order import process Zero BS CRM collects all your WooCommerce information into a single place.

Once all orders and customers are imported to your CRM you can start using the data to construct marketing campaigns, see who has purchased what and how your WooCommerce store is performing.

Zero BS Extensions to supercharge WooCommerce

WooCommerce Sync

Zero BS CRM’s WooCommerce extension makes sure you can import historic orders into your CRM as well as keep your CRM up to date as new orders come in.

Sales Dashboard

See how your sales are performing month on month. Are you getting more leads but not more sales? Easily analyse your sales activity.

Mail Campaigns

Send targeted email campaigns to your customers based on what segment they are part of. Cross-sell and Up-sell more efficiently.


$129 $259

per year

  • Access to 4 Extensions
    (Inv Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync)
  • Basic Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Best Seller


$199 $499

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

$649 $1,299

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • 10 Site License & Rebranding Platform
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

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