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Do you run a small team? Are you looking for a CRM but want to keep your costs down? Then look no further. Zero BS CRM is a FREE solution which runs on WordPress. This means you can be up and running with your very own CRM in matter of minutes. What’s even better? You can add unlimited team members, for no extra monthly cost.

Let’s take a look how small teams are benefitting from using Zero BS CRM (and how you can too)

You’re a ‘SME’. A small medium enterprise. It may just be you in your small business. However you’ll probably want to start to scale up your business at some point (even if you’re happy doing it all yourself).

Why would you want to run a ‘CRM’ in the first place.

We’ll be covering this in much more detail in some of our future blog posts. Keeping track of your customers and not forgetting about them is key to taking your business to the next level. Sure, you can manage it via email address books and various reminders, but it’s only when you start keeping track centrally that you can really start to see the merits of the data you hold on customers. With a CRM you can answer questions like:-

  • How many leads do I get each day?
  • How long does it take me to convert a lead into a customer?
  • How many leads and I converting into customers?
  • Which customers purchase from me regularly
  • On average, what is each new customer worth to my business

That’s just the ‘easy’ stuff. You can also use a CRM to do things like the following (ZBS CRM does a great job of this)

  • Tag your customers with commonalities – e.g. ‘UK based customers’
  • Export your tagged customers and hit them with special, tag based offers

But wait, there’s even more you can do with some of our extensions:-

  • You can email groups of customers who meet certain criteria, criteria like
    • Customers who joined in the last 30 days
    • Customers who have purchased more than $1,000 (or any value you choose) of product
  • You can track Sales progress over time – based on your transaction information
  • Plus much more.

Once all your data is managed centrally in a CRM you can really start using it to your advantage. The true goal of a CRM is using data on your customers to improve your business offering and to sell more product to both existing customers (by understanding their needs) and new customers (through knowing what’s worked for your customers in the past)

Why is Zero BS CRM a great CRM for small teams?

If you’ve used WordPress before you’ll know about the ‘Users’ side of WordPress. You can have any many people ‘Register’ on your website and they’ll be given a ‘Subscriber’ role. Zero BS CRM extends this functionality to a number of roles. These roles have certain CRM only capabilities. For example you can create use roles for:-

  • Customer Managers – people who can log on and add customers, create leads, convert leads to customers.
    • The term ‘Customer’ here is generic. It’s your ‘end state’. It’s where you want to ‘convert’ your leads to.
    • These may also be known as ‘Clients’ if you are dealing as a freelancer or a contractor…
  • Invoice Managers – you can give people the sole role of just managing invoices. Chasing up payments, marking invoices as paid.
  • Quote Managers – once someone has been converted from a ‘Lead’ to a ‘Customer’ you can have specific people who create quotes and answer any FAQs..
  • Full Zero BS Admin – this is your ‘Customer Rep’ type capability. Someone who can do it all. Add leads, manage leads to customers, email customers and also create quotes and invoices. The full suite of capabilities.

In other CRM systems you may see a ‘per user, per month’ cost. For small teams this can be quite an overhead. You may just be starting out

For larger teams (from small businesses), you may have grown your support team to be 10, or even 20 people. This may be an effect of just simply selling more business. You may want 24-7 coverage of your ‘help desk’ and customer management.

With a ‘per user, per month’ type system this quickly adds up to $200+ or maybe even more depending on features. That’s a monthly amount too. For small businesses wanting to grow, managing expenses is something which can really help.

Image what you could do with an extra $200 per month invested in your business to generate more leads. This really is where Zero BS CRM comes into it’s own. You don’t have any limits on the number of customers you store, or the number of users who can manage your customers.

Investing the time now (while you’re small and growing) will pay benefits in the long term (as you won’t need to switch systems, or your costs won’t gradually creep up as you add new people to your team)

An overview of the benefits of Zero BS CRM for a small team

Here’s our take-away benefits of why you’d use Zero BS CRM in your small team (or your medium to large team if looking to save costs)

  • Unlimited customers (and related items, such as quotes, invoices, lead generation forms)
  • Unlimited team members (no additional per user costs here)
  • Get your customer data building up in your CRM and utilise it to build more sales of your product

It’s an amazing tool to use Zero BS CRM because it runs on WordPress, the leading content management system powering over 25% of the web. Let it also power your business relationship management 🙂


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Posted November 30, 2016

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