The Road to v3.0 of our WP CRM

We're taking the entrepreneurs favourite CRM and Supercharging it!


Our conditions-based workflow tool was released in July 2018

Client Portal Pro

We finished up this powerful client-facing extension in Q4 2018

Improved List Views

We rolled out our column-manager along with a heap more improvements in Q4 2018

Complete Database Migration

CRM-wide performance improvements, mature data-architecture, improved extendibility,
and much, much more...

Mail Campaigns V2.0

Highly anticipated second version of our Mail Campaigns extension is due out shortly after v3.0 of ZBS CRM.


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Modern. Lean. Built for Entrepreneurs.

3.0 gives you all of the clean power of ZBS CRM, but with a fully mature feature set.

CRM Contact List

Zero BS CRM is the Entrepreneurs DIY Hacker CRM

Take Control of Your Costs (and Data!)

Do you know where your contact data is stored? Which server? Which Country?
...and you're paying $$$ monthly, for that?

Host Your Own:

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What are entrepreneur's saying about Zero BS CRM?

95%+ Reviews on

The plugin itself is just great and my client has been able to use it effectively from day 1.

ZBSCRM is the BEST solution I have seen or used. Ever! I've been involved with putting business online since the 1990's. Have used every option out there. I am telling you the truth when I say this software has no equal. It is easy to customize, easy to learn, easy to use.

It’s a pleasure. I’ve been working with @mike for the past week and it’s been an amazing experience. The application is running great with Zero BS. No pun intended. It just does what it suppose to do.

I've been so absolutely impressed with everyones work and responsiveness, you guys are amazing and you earned every accolade I can throw your way. I've never with a service of any kind felt like I mattered so much. every one of you staff and project managers should be proud

A really good free CRM, not only in WordPress plugins, but in the whole open source, just do what is needed and still improving in each release, providing meaningful updates to free version.

Now I’m using ZeroBS and it works pretty straight forward. Of course there are always things that can be improved, but the guys behind this CRM are hands-on and give great support. They also update the CRM all the time. So I am happy :) thanks guys

Thank you for the great CRM plugin, just what I need

Even better than any big box enterprises’ software out there. We’ve tried many complicated online solutions and cloud integrations in the past and now we’ve simply found THE solution!

Great functionality and support. Always helpful and adding new features.

Zero BS CRM Pricing:

This is what the new pricing will look like once v3.0 is launched.


Invoicing Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync


per month, billed yearly

Start with Freelancer
  • Access to 4 CRM extensions
  • Basic Support
  • Single Site License
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 months support and updates


All CRM extensions, Priority Support


per month, billed yearly

Start with Entrepreneur
  • Access to ALL CRM extensions
  • Priority Support
  • Single Site License
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 months support and updates
  • *includes Mail Campaigns


Everything in Entrepreneur + Mail Campaigns


per month, billed yearly

Coming Soon
  • Access to ALL CRM extensions
  • Mail Campaigns
  • Priority Support
  • Single Site License
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 months support and updates


Everything in Elite +10 licenses and white-label


per site, per month, billed yearly

Start with Reseller
  • Access to ALL CRM extensions
  • Mail Campaigns
  • Priority Support
  • 10 Site Licenses
  • White Label / Rebrander
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 months support and updates
30 day money back guarantee30 day Money back guarantee on all purchases.
Mail Campaigns will become part of the Elite Bundle from v3.0 onwards. Buy Entrepreneur now and get Mail Campaigns included in your plan.
Zero BS CRM Feature List

Zero BS CRM Features

Our key principle is to deliver highly-effective, no-nonsense tools for Entrepreneurs.
We develop this CRM week-in week-out for hacker-entrepreneurs.
Dig into the various areas of ZBS CRM below to see this in action:

This is everything you get in 3.0, plus all of the Extensions.

How We've Built 3.0

As we've smashed past 1k active users on WordPress we've been receiving more and more great feedback from our customers. We listen carefully to every single suggestion, and steward our clean & lean CRM forward, balancing effectivity and ease, fighting bloat left, right, and center.

  • Entrepreneur User Input
  • Feedback from thousands of active users
  • Our own use & dream features
  • Consistent Development (125+weekly updates!)

Zero BS CRM is the Entrepreneurs DIY Hacker CRM


Once you get onboard with Zero BS CRM you don't just get the useful CRM tools, you also get access to our Entrepreneurs Community slack. Our community is a place to chat to like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as field & discuss upcoming features.

Get Onboard

Earn as a Reseller

If you're looking to resell several licenses for ZBS, (e.g. you've got a number of clients who'd benefit from a CRM), the Reseller License will give you the best per-sale return.

It's quick and easy to roll out a CRM for a client, then charge monthly.

We even make it quick and easy to Rebrand ZBS, so you can sell it under your own brand name!

... so it's often easy to up-sell/cross-sell ZBS to your existing client base, paying us a fair fee, while keeping a significant cut of what your customer pays you.

Become a Reseller

Sneak Peak of 3.0

Shhh don't tell anyone, but we've got a lot of good stuff that's almost here:

Zero BS CRM v3.0 - Mail Campaigns v2.0 Select Recipient
Zero BS CRM v3.0 Mail Campaigns
ZBS CRM v3.0

Zero BS CRM is the Entrepreneurs DIY Hacker CRM

Elite Bundle coming with v3.0 of Zero BS CRM

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, so we're telling you early:
v3.0 will be launched soon, and then we will be introducing the Elite Bundle for Zero BS CRM.

We're keen to keep this affordable for Entrepreneurs, but also want give additional benefits for those who want to take it to the next level.

v3.0 Zero BS CRM Elite

Join the ELITE

Sometimes you want more from us, like being first in line if you hit a snag, or full access to our CRM related products (like Mail Campaigns). Join us an Elite. We've got you covered.

  • Mail Campaigns v2.0
  • Priority Support
  • Early Access to New Products
  • Plus much more

Join the ZBS Community now for maximum entrepreneur benefit!:

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v3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

When will v3.0 be launched?

We're nearing the end of this work cycle (we work in 6 week development cycles), and it'll be launched next cycle (first with a release candidate for our existing paid users, then a common release).

If I buy v2.0 will I get v3.0?

Yes. If you buy at v2.0 prices, you'll get all future updates but only ever pay v2.0 prices. (Updates and support require an active license.) If you already have access to Mail Campaigns in your bundle - you won't lose access.

What's different in v3.0?

v3.0 will have our new, fully mature data architecture. In short this improves everything, from speed to stability (all objects are now within our managed and reliable UI). It also means improved support for Automations, Client Portal Pro, Mail Campaigns v2, and developer extendibility, (and more - view timeline).
From v3.0 onwards, Mail Campaigns will also require a separate yearly license. (Those who join before v3.0 will not have to pay this for MC2.)

Will v3.0 change loads of the code?

There is tens of thousands of new lines of code in v3.0, but much has already been rolled out in our latest updates. We provide backward-compatability throughout, and automatic migration routines for the new database objects. v3.0 will be delivered via a core update, as well as release of the new versions of extensions.