Recent CRM Updates: 2.0.1 – 2.0.6

Wow! What a blast it’s been since we launched v2.0 of our WordPress CRM – I just wanted to drop a little update post in here, because we’ve been storming through bug-fixes and improvements since our birthday version, and they’re not small improvements 🙂

2.0.1 – Here we added PHP version to our System Status page and fixed a security bug (Important one!)

2.o.2 – This was pre-requisite changes which helped us prepare to make Invoicing Pro even more epic!

2.0.3 – This update tidied up Zero BS CRM plenty – combining the (somewhat) confusing home/welcome pages and re-ordering the menu to make more fluid sense to CRM users. We also fixed a few more user bugs!

2.0.4 – Big small update! This one added Quotes, Transactions and more to the Client Portal, Fixed more than 10 bugs and improved the way we deal with date formatting!

2.0.5 – an urgent fix applied hours after 2.0.4 – this was a fix for developer error, but we fixed it quickly!

2.0.6 – released just today, brings the pre-requisite functionality for us to add WorldPay integration (in the form of WorldPay Sync) – this is super powerful, as we’re one of the few (only?) WordPress CRM’s to offer serious/powerful integrations with WorldPay. We also fixed a number of lesser bugs here – from PDF engine installation quirks, to Client Portal links. Another big update here was adding Locale support (County -> State, Postal Code -> Zip Code, Mobile -> Cell – for en-US users, more Locales to follow).


As usual you can catch the latest version on, or update via your WordPress Admin menu!

(And don’t forget to check out our V2.0 Launch offer, which is open for a little longer – closes soon.)

Full changelog since version 2.0 of Zero BS CRM for WordPress:

= 2.0.6 24/05/2017 =

* Added: Prerequisites for WorldPay Integration (WorldPay Sync)
* Added: Improved support for localisation (added US to begin)
* Added: Locale check to System Status
* Fixed: Bug in PDF Invoicing which would show PDF engine installed when it wasn’t
* Fixed: Client Portal Quote Title
* Fixed: Client Portal Quote links
* Improved: Improved explanation for WP Override mode and re-arranged options page so as is easier to see
* [Recent CRM Updates](

= 2.0.5 16/05/2017 =
* Urgent fix: Post title error fix (bug in 2.0.4)
= 2.0.4 12/05/2017 =
* Added: Quotes, Transactions and Details page to the Client Portal
* Fixed: Bug in quote builder not allowing you to use blank template
* Fixed: Removal of special characters in Quote hashes
* Fixed: Invoice ID was outputting when invoicing pro recurring invoices was disabled
* Fixed: Bug where Select a Company was blank
* Fixed: Bug which was showing date added as 1/1/1970 on Customer Search
* Fixed: Date formatting for Customer Lists, Contact Lists, Quote Lists
* Fixed: Date format now applying for Transactions List
* Fixed: Quote and Invoice Offsets now applying to ‘Add New’
* Fixed: Bug causing the Quote ID to increment on ‘Save’ and ‘Update’
* Fixed: Quotes now only accessable through the Client Portal
* Fixed: Bug where email subscriptions from welcome wizard were not always automatically applied
* Improved: Upped default log paging to 100 per load
* Improved: Attachments meta box now lower priority on the invoices page

= 2.0.3 05/05/2017 =
* Re-ordered Zero BS CRM Menu for ease of use
* Combined two welcome/home pages into one more-useful page
* Fixed: Bug in Welcome Wizard (Subscriptions)
* Improved: Welcome Wizard improvements generally

= 2.0.2 29/04/2017 =
* Added: Compatibility for Invoicing Pro: Recurring billing via Stripe/PayPal
* Added: Readme updated with several CRM reviews
= 2.0.1 (Security Fixes) 18/04/2017 =
* Added: PHP Version shown on System Status page
* Fixed: Security vulnerabilities (Thank you Timothy Jacobs of
* Improved: Menu item “Extensions” was redirecting to the [CRM Extensions Store]( when it should have pointed to the internal extension manager

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Posted May 24, 2017

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