Woo Sync

Retrieve all customer data from WooCommerce automatically. Works great with Sales Dashboard.

The Woo Sync extension is great if you run a WooCommerce store. Import your customers and transactions into the CRM and manage everything in one place. Great when used alongside the Sales Dashboard and the Mail Campaigns extensions.

Using the Woo Sync extension lets you

  • Import customers and transactions and view and manage from your CRM
  • Not limited to PayPal or once source of payment (it runs from the WooCommerce API)
  • Keeps your CRM up to date with any new WooCommerce transactions automatically

Once you’ve done this. Hit import and sit back and wait as your customer and order data is imported into your CRM.

Important: You’ll need to stay on the same page until the Import and completed. Once you’ve imported your historic data the WooSync extension will keep itself up to date with any new orders made via your WooCommerce Store.


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