PayPal Sync

Retrieve all customer data from PayPal automatically. Works great with Sales Dashboard.

Retrieve all your customer data from PayPal, automatically

This extension automatically synchronises customer data from PayPal into your CRM.

  • Leverage – Use customer data that you’re not yet using!
  • Synchronise – Creates Customers and logs transactions for you
  • Automatic – Keeps your customer database up to date automatically
Zero BS CRM: PayPal Sync Extension

Easily Import & Sync your PayPal data

The PayPal Sync extension is amazingly easy to use, just set up your PayPal API information and hit import, any sales that you make through PayPal are automatically added to your CRM as customers with an associated transaction. This can be used with any of the other tools and power of the CRM such as Sales Dashboard.

Leverage Your Existing Customers (like a PRO)

How often do you reach out to your old customers? Someone who has spent money with you is very likely to buy again in the future. But that can only happen when you have your customer information to hand. Once PayPal Sync has imported your customers and transactions, ZBS opens up a world of analysis! Find out who your biggest customer is, or identify that quiet champion who always buys your stuff!

Set and forget

Hit Import PayPal Info and your customers and transactions will be added to your CRM. You only need to do this once, after that ZBS CRM PayPal Sync automatically keeps your CRM up to date with your PayPal. You make a sale –> The customer and transaction show up directly in Zero BS.

(That makes it increadibly powerful when matched with Sales Dashboard.)

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Metrics, too! (With Sales Dashboard Extension)

P.S. Want fancy sales graphs and deep analysis on your customer base? This works great with our CRM Sales Dashboard. (Get them both in the Entrepreneur’s Bundle and save $50+ today.)

User examples:

Invoices paid via PayPal

Customers are paying invoices via PayPal – this extension syncs their data & payments into Zero BS CRM Automatically

Ecommerce offering PayPal paid option

PayPal sync will go back through your ecommerce lifetime data and pull in All of your customers, then keep them up to date!

Non-profit donations through PayPal

PayPal Sync is great for this too!

PayPal Sync Features:

Syncs Customers – including checkout information (email, address etc.)

Syncs Transactions

Smart Updates – Customers get updated when info changes

See aggregated data – Which are your VIP customers?

Works with any PayPal Business Account

Charming Support – direct support via email

Easy to install & setup – a quick 2-minute job you can do directly from your browser

Efficient Code – all extensions are performance optimised

Zero-BS CRM Promise – all extensions add value in a clean, effective way, guaranteed!

PayPal Sync Specification:

Requires PayPal Business account (for API access)

Requires Zero-BS CRM Version: 1.5+

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2+

Tested on multiple server setups

PayPal Sync Screenshots:

Zero BS CRM PayPal API Sync

Customer Reviews:

I’m using this to keep my customer database up-to-date, and combining it with the Sales Dashboard extension to create transparency reports which I blog about monthly

Mike (Epic Themes)

Get PayPal Sync Now:

The majority of web transactions run through PayPal, this extension leverages any PayPal data you have and saves hours of your time keeping customer records up to date.

Note: If you use WooCommerce, you might also like to try WooCommerce Sync.

Note: If you want to use this and Sales Dashboard (for epic metrics), your cheapest option is the Entrepreneur’s Bundle.

Part of the Freelancer & Entrepreneur Bundles:

PayPal Sync is included in our Bundles - join the other happy entrepreneur's, save $$$ per year and get instant access to extensions!

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Works with all versions of ZBS


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