CSV Importer PRO

Import your existing customer data into the Zero BS CRM system with our super simple CSV importer extension.

Zero BS CRM has had a Lite version of CSV Importer PRO in the free core since v1.5. This extension is for those pro users who want the extra power:

  • Logged imports – keep records when you run a CSV Import
  • B2B Ready – Automatic creation of Companies (and assigning of Contacts)
  • Direct Support & Future Features

No frills, no spills. Just simple, imported customer goodness.

CSV Importer PRO: Use Examples

Have a CRM already, want to change to ZBS to save £££. (Easily move your customers overwith this!)

Import from Excel. (Easily save as CSV and import into ZeroBS CRM

Automated Sales Data. (It’s super easy to keep your customer records up to date from CSV Sales Data from platforms such as Amazon Marketplace or Ebay).

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