Contact Form 7

Use Contact Form 7 to collect leads and customer info. Save time by automating your lead generation process.

SUPERCHARGE your website forms

This extension converts form-fillers into customers in your database!

  • Automate Lead Collection – Automatically create leads from form completions
  • Integration – Works with existing Contact 7 forms (needs email field)
  • No Configuration Required

Forms are more than just email scripts

A form is much more than an email hole. A form is a portal, (stick with me on this), it’s a way that a totally distant person can reach you, simply by them entering their details.

What’s more, that person could become a customer… But only if the process is managed.

… that’s why Zero BS CRM and Contact Form 7 are a supreme business-system match.

Automate Lead Collection

With the Contact Form 7 ZBS extension you can ensure that your leads get added. No missed contacts. No Work Required! Create a Contact Form for your customer data. Insert it onto your website and with the extension installed, start generating leads.

Start collecting leads in seconds!

The Contact Form 7 extension only takes seconds to get started. No Setup Required! If you already have a contact form and want to have new entries automatically be added to your CRM just add a hidden field with the value ‘addtozbs’. Once you’ve added this your leads will be populated into your CRM ready for you and your team to work your sales magic.


User examples:

Already using Contact Form 7?

Automatically create customers/leads from form completions (no manual data entry!) You totally need this

Got a basic web form on your site?

Good start, but I bet you’re manually copying customer details, or even sometimes losing the info? This fixes that

No contact form for customers to enquire on your website?

You’re missing potential leads! Grab this and plug the gap!

Gravity Forms Features:

Capture your leads / prospective customers into ZBS CRM from your Contact 7 Forms

Collect as much (or as little) information from your form (name + email required, optionally: Addresses, Phone Numbers)

Charming Support – direct support via email

Easy to install – a quick 2-minute job you can do directly from your browser

Efficient Code – all extensions are performance optimised

Zero-BS CRM Promise – all extensions add value in a clean, effective way, guaranteed!

Gravity Forms Specification:

Works with Contact Form 7 v4.8+

Requires Zero-BS CRM Version: 2.0.7+

Requires PHP Version: 5.4+

Compatible with WordPress Versions: WordPress 4.2+

Tiny, Efficiently coded Plugin, (~1MB, seconds to install)

Tested on multiple server setups

Contact Form 7 Screenshots:

Customer Reviews:

FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for a Contact Form 7 inte’great’ion. Well done guys.


Get Contact Form 7 Now:

If you’re using forms on the web, you need this.

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