ZBS Starter Bundle

Easy to use Starter Bundle:
Sales Dashboard, PayPal Sync and Mail Campaigns.

Our Starter Bundle gives you our amazing Sales Dashboard, Mail Campaigns and PayPal Sync in a single, money saving bundle. Read more about each of the extensions in this bundle below.

Started Bundle Benefits

  • Ideal for getting started with ZBS CRM
  • Contains our 3 most popular extensions
  • Great Sales dashboard
  • Sync your customers in from PayPal transactions
  • Mail segments of your customer base for added profits!
  • Save over $50

This bundle gives you everything you need to have a super powerful CRM from Day 1.

Load in your existing (PayPal) customers, chart your sales, Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR), Average customer value, etc. And then send out targetted email campaigns to increase your per-customer profit! With these three powerful extensions it’s easy to leverage your existing and future customer relationships, straight out of the box!


Individually = $257
Bundle Price = $199
Save $58 if you buy today!

$199.00 / year Buy Now

Bundle Contains the following Plugins

  • mail-campaign-topper

    Mail Campaigns

    $79.00 / year

    Send emails to targeted segments of customers with this easy to use, powerful mail extension. Contact your customers easily.

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  • ext-pp

    PayPal Sync

    $49.00 / year

    Retrieve all customer data from PayPal automatically. Works great with Sales Dashboard.

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  • zerobs-crm-sales

    Sales Dashboard

    $129.00 / year

    The ultimate sales dashboard. Track Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, Customer growth right from your CRM.

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Purchase the Starter Bundle:

$199.00 / year Buy Now


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