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Before ZBS Mail Campaigns: You're either not sending emails to your contacts, or you're using an expensive, over-complex email platform. After ZBS Mail Campaigns: You've got email sorted. You find it easy to email different segments of your CRM contacts.

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Email for Entrepreneurs

We started out by making ZBS CRM because we couldn't find a CRM which wasn't bloated or over-priced.

There are abundant options for sending emails out, and some are great.

...but our users kept asking us for a no-nonsense in-CRM way to send out targetted email campaigns.

So we built Mail Campaigns for Lean & effective email sending

Mike of Epic Plugins and Woody of StormGate
Mike & Woody

No-nonsense Email Broadcasts & Sequences

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Mail Campaigns is available on it's own as a single extension for ZBS CRM, or as part of the Entrepreneurs bundle (which has 30+ extensions and Mail Campaigns)

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  • Send immediately or schedule email broadcasts
  • Use clever placeholders in email subject or body
  • Create email templates with different designs
  • Fully tracked - opens, clicks, unsubscribes
  • Leave open: Whenever a new contact is added to the segment/tag selection, they get the broadcast


  • Any amount of steps: email / delay
  • Use clever placeholders in email subject or body
  • Email Templates to maintain a style
  • Fully tracked - opens, clicks, unsubscribes
  • Segment/tag mapped: Allow contacts to automatically join/leave sequences as their details (e.g. status, field, tag, or segment) changes

Campaign Manager

  • Edit Title, Subject, Sender information
  • Choose which day of the week to send the sequence
  • Choose an audience: Segment or Has/Has not got tag
  • Build one or many styled html emails with our inline editor
  • Add Delays between each email step (e.g. wait 5 days before second email) (Sequences)
  • Preview and test-send your email
  • Send immediately or schedule it

Campaign Viewer

  • Review email content
  • See email open/click rates over time
  • Track who opens your emails and what links they click
  • Track when users click 'unsubscribe'

Template Editor

  • Comes with 4 templates to start
  • Create your own email templates
  • Autosave while editing
  • Full HTML Support
  • Screenshot preview generator
  • Preview your email template before using it

Mail Setup Assistant

  • Checks your server for viability of sending out mail campaigns
  • wp_cron or server cron sending agent
  • Works with ZBS CRM Delivery methods
  • Send Agent Log Viewer (see at a glance what's sent)

Extra Features

  • Do-not-email/unsubscribe functionality
  • Uses ZBS CRM Mail Delivery Methods
  • Full tracking pixels allow you to track opens, link clicks, and unsubscribes
  • Segment or Tag based audience selection
  • Global send statistics dash


Create Sequence: Step 1

Create an email sequence in WordPress

Choose your Sequence audience

Choose your email sequence audience

Send or Schedule your Broadcast

Get Ready to send your first email broadcast

Global Mail Send Statistics

Mail Campaigns v2 Global email sending stats

Broadcast List

Mail Campaigns v2 Broadcast List

Template Manager

Mail Campaigns v2 Email Template Manager

Get Mail Campaigns:

Mail Campaigns is available on it's own as a single extension for ZBS CRM, or as part of the Entrepreneurs bundle (which has 30+ extensions and Mail Campaigns)

See All the Bundles

Video Walkthrough

Take a better look at Mail Campaigns in ZBS CRM.
Watch this walkthrough guide which Mike, one of our co-founders did when we first launched the Beta:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Limitations of Mail Campaigns?

Mail Campaigns sends out mail through an SMTP relay. The only limitations are: 1) The performance of your web server (which builds the emails), and 2) the reliability/send limits of your email provider. If you have specific question on a provider, please ask here, or read more about providers.

Does this work with AWS SES/MailGun/SendGrid etc.

Yes. The release version of Mail Campaigns will work with any mail provider which accepts email via SMTP servers (nearly every provider). It should be noted that some providers (e.g. Gmail) do not like bulk sending/mass mail particularly. We recommend using a quality provider such as AWS SES, and making sure you send emails only to opted-in contacts.

What's New?

We've started from the ground up and rebuilt this to be the ultimate no-nonsense mailing list manager. It's fully integrated with ZBS CRM and works very cleanly with the recent big release (V3.0 of the CRM). This means almost every feature is new & improved.

Can I use this to spam via Gmail?

No! If you're looking to send out a bunch of spam, this isn't for you. Mail Campaigns has been designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to ethically send out email to recipients who are expecting it. We provide proper unsubscribe capacities which are linked to the contact in the CRM, and are focused on helping you deliver quality email, responsibly.


* While we don't charge based on list size, your email provider may charge, or have sending limits. Read more.