How to stop paying for features you don’t use in your CRM

It’s hard. It’s hard to stop paying for features you don’t use in your CRM. Unless your CRM is a ‘modularised’ CRM you can’t only pay for just what you need. Let’s take a hypothetical scenario…

Super Duper CRM – tons of FEATURES

Super Duper CRM has invoicing. It has quotes. You can manage your customers. You can send them SMS messages. Wow you can do so much. To do this they want $20 a month, for each user. But wait. You don’t invoice your ‘Customers’ you sell them products via WooCommerce. You don’t need to invoice them. But Super Duper CRM has all these PRO invoicing options. Pay invoices using PayPal. Pay them using Stripe.

But you don’t need all those features – yet you’re still paying for them.

Try this. Send Super Duper CRM an email – ask them to only charge you $5 per user per month – you don’t use all their software..   (don’t do this – super duper CRM isn’t real). When using software that’s catered for all. Software that comes with a monthly price tag. You’ll do well to pay less than the asking price because you “may not use all features”. It’s like asking to pay less into a Nightclub because you’ll only listen to the dance music.. and ignore the R&B.

How do I stop paying then?

Stopping paying for features you don’t use is simple. First choose a CRM that is free to use. Our Zero BS CRM is free to use. For as many users as you want. It comes with a bunch of features included which should cover the need for any small business.

  • Start with a free CRM
  • Extend it with the features you need
  • Purchase any premium extensions you may need
  • STOP paying for all those extra features that a monthly CRM offers.

I’ve tried Zero BS CRM – it doesn’t have what I need – let us know here please.

Free CRMs don’t have every feature I need!

Maybe they don’t. If they don’t make sure to reach out and let them know about it. Our CRM has a growing suite of Extensions which may make the CRM do what you’re after. In the CRM there’s the ‘Extensions’ tab. In this tab there’s a group of Free Extensions (such as front-end Lead Generation forms) and some premium extensions.

Too many features! Is there such a thing?

Having too many features surely is a good thing? It means the CRM can do everything I need right now. Plus everything I may think I might need in the future. That may be something you want. It’s not something we agree with though for the following reasons:-

  • You may not need them for 2 years (or more) yet you’re paying for them now. $20 a month for 2 years is $480 wasted.
  • It might put your staff off – if you have staff – from being able to use your CRM efficiently
  • It makes the user experience harder. Where do you start.

So stop paying money for features you do not use. Start using a CRM which lets you pay for just what you need (if at all). Your customers will thank you for it.


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Posted December 2, 2016

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