The Truth about CRM

It's good practice to store data on your customer relationships.
...but it's GREAT practice to intelligently dissect your stakeholders and act on intel.

Far too many businesses fail to properly organise their CRM contacts and act on them, often because the software is too complex.


It all starts with ZBS CRM Contacts.
Segments offer a way to create a dynamic 'group' of contacts


Use the simple-but-powerful conditions system to create rules for your Segment


Send out a Mail Campaign, or give the list to your PA to act on

Simple-but-powerful: The Segment Editor

Simple enough to be quick to use, but powerful enough to really filter down your contacts into actionable segments

Use multiple conditions (Has status, is tagged etc.)
Match one condition, or all conditions
Preview your segment as you build it
CRM Segment Editor

Segments: Part of the CRM eco-system

Zero BS CRM Dynamic segments are a key part of the CRM eco-system, along with features like tags and custom-fields. Segments are hugely powerful on their own, but connected up to the CRM generally, they're game-changing.

ZBS Enabled Quickfilters

Dynamic segments work with Zero BS CRM Quickfilters.

Add each segment as a button to your Contact List sidebar, then with one click you can see all of the contacts in that Segment.

View Segment in List View
Can then further dive into data, (e.g. search)
Setting allows you to (optionally):
Add Segment Quickfilters to your Filter Buttons
Contact Quickfilters - let you quickly view your CRM segments in a list view
Mail Campaigns sent out of CRM with Segments

Mail Campaigns V2.0

Zero BS CRM Segments was built as a backbone feature of Mail Campaigns V2.0. This means that as well as the other CRM uses of segments, you can also target your email outreach/campaigns at dynamic segments too!

Email Campaigns to Segments
Track Contacts entering and leaving Segments
Fire Automations on segment-change activities

Zero BS CRM Technology

We've been developing for WordPress for over a decade, and we've learned what it takes to make a solid extendable product.

Developer-ready integrations via Hooks and Filters
Permissions model in place (Managed by ZBS Customer Manager Role)
Part of the CRM Eco-system (Developer Support)

It should be easy-to-use & functional...that's the principal Zero BS CRM is built on

Get Access the full CRM Suite:

Segments work with our core CRM, but to get the most out of your contact database we recommend you pick up one of our extension bundles.
(Most users do, as then you can leverage all of your important customer data.)

Note: This pricing is pre v3.0 launch.
v3.0 Launches next month and after that these prices will go up.


$129 $259

per year

  • Access to 4 Extensions
    (Inv Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync)
  • Basic Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Best Seller


$199 $499

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

$649 $1,299

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • 10 Site License & Rebranding Platform
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Limited Offer Pricing

Lock in your price - Purchase a bundle at this reduced price, and we'll never put your yearly renewal up.

*Prices listed are in USD. All licenses are auto-renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. All purchases are subject to our terms and condition of use.

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