Don't like the name?

You get it. We called it Zero BS CRM to cut the crap. But the board or your boss probably won't be cool with it. Maybe you use it yourself, but this new business you want to sign up won't be down with our wordings. We get it too. For those cases we recommend Rebrandr - it's a cheap add-on that lets you totally rename All of our CRM.


Log in to your Zero BS CRM Platform at any time to generate a white-label build


Choose your own CRM name, upload a logo, & choose colours that match your brand "look and feel"


Our system does all the work, builds you the Core CRM and all extensions with your brand, delivering you a .zip of the whole CRM suite within seconds

Reselling ZBS CRM via White-label

It's no secret how a lot of affiliates and business development guys make their money. They're good at generating audiences, they're great at consultancy, high-level business support etc. But that's only a chunk of their revenue. Many of our Rebrandr users are actually white-label resellers.

By using our CRM white-label service, entrepreneurs are able to offer a new service to all existing clients (or an email list), without any messing about with developers, or building products. They pay us a small fee, charge the clients a substantially higher number and pocket the difference.

Another way to profit with Zero BS CRM...

Making Money by rebranding our crm software
Hosted CRM Rebranding service on Zero BS CRM .com

Easy-to-use Rebranding App

Our second version of Rebrandr is even easier to use. Enter your new CRM name, URL, support email and (optionally) choose a logo image, then leave it to the app to generate you your rebranded CRM Suite in a zip file!

Easily enter your brand details
Generates a rebranded CRM suite in seconds
Automatic Updates served for you!

Smart Rebranding Engine

After giving Rebrandr a name, url, support email etc. it goes away and rebuilds the CRM from scratch, along with all of our CRM Extensions into a single package without any of our branding.

Removes all 'Zero BS' references
Rebrands with your company info
Helpfully integrates your support email
Takes on your "look and feel" (colours)
Automatic Updates which include your branding
Build your own crm with custom logo and name
Resell the CRM to generate white-label profit

Reselling Zero BS for Profit

While some Rebrandr users have purchased our service to hide the name "Zero BS" from their boss or stakeholders, the majority are using Rebrandr to generate an almost-instant ROI.

By generating a CRM (in seconds) which can have a name to suit your market or niche, it's usually very easy to sell to your existing clients as an up-sell or cross-sell.

Brand it in a way that will sell to your Niche/Market/Clients
You know your niche best
We keep on developing behind the scenes
We help you support crm users
Resell your white-label version to great profit

Get a CRM bundle and Rebrand!

To use Rebrandr you need to purchase either the Entrepreneur, or Reseller Bundle below. Rebrandr is a service available for free with the Reseller Bundle, or for an additional $20pcm for the Entrepreneur bundle user.

Note: This pricing is pre v3.0 launch.
v3.0 Launches next month and after that these prices will go up.


$129 $259

per year

  • Access to 4 Extensions
    (Inv Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync)
  • Basic Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Best Seller


$199 $499

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

$649 $1,299

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • 10 Site License & Rebranding Platform
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Limited Offer Pricing

Lock in your price - Purchase a bundle at this reduced price, and we'll never put your yearly renewal up.

*Prices listed are in USD. All licenses are auto-renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. All purchases are subject to our terms and condition of use.

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