The Developer-Ready CRM

Both ZBS CRM co-founders are developers through and through. We know what it takes to deliver high-quality code at scale. We've built this CRM to be easily extendible by other developers, on top of the natively-powerful core CRM platform.


Out of the box, with or without rebrandr, Zero BS CRM is a perfect CRM platform


We're proud & thankful of the Developer/Entrepreneur Community that has grown around ZBSCRM


Carrying the WordPress methodology, we built this CRM to be extended!

Develop on Zero BS CRM

Guys, it's not 2001 anymore - software needs to be open to integrations, extension, and modification. We don't want to all have to wait for approval or pay extortionate consultancy fees for small changes.

Zero BS CRM does its best to help developers to move fast and build robust, simple-but-powerful features on top of the base CRM platform.

Code in Zero BS CRM for adding Custom Features

CRM Developers Guides, Code Examples++

It became clear early on in the Zero BS CRM development that our audience wanted to get into the nuts-and-bolts of our CRM platform and tinker with things. At first we tried to satisfy users on a consultancy basis, (which we still do, for high-level projects). We soon realised that this was short-sighted and that we needed this to be true to our no-nonsense principals.

So now Zero BS CRM is open to Developers... We provide code examples, community, and guides to help you and your developers achieve what you need with Zero BS CRM.

Zero BS CRM and Github repo's

GitHub for CRM Developers

As we've grown we've seen numerous requests for SDK's and code examples for API or other customisations of Zero BS CRM. To satisfy our hungry developer-users we've now got Github hosted repo's with code examples and more.

Public Access to Clone/Fork
PHP SDK in development
Zero BS CRM on Github for Developer Access
Developer Guides in the CRM knowledgebase

Developer Guides

Our Knowledgebase started out as a portal for guides for entrepreneur users, but as we've evolved, we've started adding more and more guides for developers to customise the CRM.

Developer Guides
Guide Search
Code Examples


We're the first and only WordPress-based CRM to offer an API. With full API key based security, our V1.0 API was a huge success, with a v2.0 in Beta, proving to be equally as popular withour developer/entrepreneur users.

Authenticated API
Add/Update Contacts, Tags etc.
Fully documented
API Documentation for our WordPress CRM API
Zero BS CRM Developers in Slack Community Chat

Thriving Community of Developer-Entrpereneurs

Once you join Zero BS CRM and get into our Community slack, you'll see that you're amongst good company. We pride ourselves on managing a polite, helpful, and no-nonsense community around our CRM.

Slack Community
Moderated No-Nonsense
Helpful CRM Users/Devs

Get Full Access

Get full access to all of the existing Extensions for Zero BS CRM and save yourself some developer cost - all of our 20+ extensions are optimised, refined examples of what's possible on the Zero BS CRM platform. It's often best to grab a bundle then get a developer to fill in any custom CRM bits if they need to:

Note: This pricing is pre v3.0 launch.
v3.0 Launches next month and after that these prices will go up.


$129 $259

per year

  • Access to 4 Extensions
    (Inv Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync)
  • Basic Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Best Seller


$199 $499

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

$649 $1,299

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • 10 Site License & Rebranding Platform
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Limited Offer Pricing

Lock in your price - Purchase a bundle at this reduced price, and we'll never put your yearly renewal up.

*Prices listed are in USD. All licenses are auto-renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. All purchases are subject to our terms and condition of use.

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