Importing Customers – Data Tools

What good is a Customer Relationship Manager without Customers in it? None.

With the following tools you can quickly and easily get your customer information into Zero BS CRM. Whether you want to automatically import your customers from PayPal, or WooCommerce, or drag them through from a CSV export from somewhere else, ZBS has you covered.

ZBS CRM Data Tools

  • csv-importer-proCSV Importer PRO

    Import your existing customer data into the Zero BS CRM system with our super simple CSV importer extension.

  • paypal-extPayPal Sync

    Retrieve all customer data from PayPal automatically. Works great with Sales Dashboard.

  • woo-extWoo Sync

    Retrieve all customer data from WooCommerce automatically. Works great with Sales Dashboard.


What does “Sync” mean?

The PayPal Sync and WooSync plugins are more than just importers. Yes they’ll run a major import of all your customers, ever, but after that do you have to re-import the customers periodically? Nope. Our Sync plugins maintain an up-to-date copy of your customer data, automatically pulling through new customers (once an hour). This means your fancy Sales Dashboard can show up to date data, and you won’t have to do a thing!