A look at Zero BS CRM in Numbers

We've been crafting ZBS CRM for a while now, and to celebrate our nearing of our big version 3.0, we thought we'd put a dynamic page together sharing the numbers behind the building of our CRM.

Since launch we've delivered:



..an average of 0.99 updates per week!







Learning to Cut the Crap

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

We've done our best to tattoo this quote on our hearts.
Zero BS CRM is the most lean, effective, & affordable CRM available.
Our Mission: To serve Entrepreneurs and small teams, like us.

No Nonsense Software for Entrepreneurs

Today's world is full of bullshit.
Strong, enduring philosophy doesn't exist in most companies.
We're fighting to be different. We believe in a new breed of no-nonsense entrepreneurs. Every week we add features and improve things, always keeping this no-bullshit mentality in mind.


Since we started Zero BS CRM we've commited 2,323 changes, and today Zero BS CRM is made up of 86,719 lines of code.

... it takes a lot of work to deliver a clean, effective CRM. Whether we're adding features, or refining the CRM, We do it all for our Entrepreneur users.

See it all in action:

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Figures last updated: August 29, 2018

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Check out the full change log below.

We consistently provide Regular Updates for Zero BS CRM, if you download our CRM you'll see the updates - adding new features, fixes and improvements each and every week.

Version 2.99.8 02/07/2019

Added: Hooks for Client Portal Pro to add to settings page

Fixed: Bug which meant 0 logs shown on edit page

Fixed: Multi-line notes now save properly

Fixed: Client Portal no longer shows links to invoices, quotes, transactions if they’re turned off in CORE

Fixed: Bug which meant email notifications of new invoice didn’t have localised currency formatting

Fixed: Admins can now add segments to quickfilters, even if they don’t own the segment

Improved: Activity on contact “view” page now shows long description

Improved: v3.0 notice now only shows on ZBS admin pages

Improved: Tidied the font files stored in html template directory

Improved: Removed an automatic flush routine which may have been conflicting with polylang

Improved: Rewrote Invoicing PDF generation template to use a more wide-support font (Google Noto Latin & Greek)

Improved: Reduced file size by removing depreciated font (Playfair)

Improved: Activity log on single view now allows expand/contract of long description

Improved: Client Portal Pro tools menu now links to settings tab

July 2nd, 2019 - 21 days ago

Version 2.99.7 18/06/2019

Added: log.update Internal Automator hook

Added: V3.0 Preperation notification

Fixed: API bug when front end is disabled

Fixed: Edit contact/obj now won’t load for non-existant ID’s

Fixed: View contact/obj now won’t load for non-existant ID’s

Fixed: Single email sending now updates “Last Contacted” for contact records

Fixed: Made new object edit screen hide “view object” by default (as new, nothing to view until saved)

Improved: Edit Nav now has ID’s allowing easier css visibility management

Improved: Added failsafe to log metaboxes to avoid loading generic list for non-id’s

Improved: Log saving now fires Internal Automator properly (allowing more stable updates for last_contacted against contact objects)

June 18th, 2019

Version 2.99.6 13/06/2019

Fixed: Second address country showing up when second addresses turned off (at high resolutions)

Fixed: Bug in CSV Importer Pro relating to company import

June 13th, 2019
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