A look at Zero BS CRM in Numbers

We've been crafting ZBS CRM for a while now, and to celebrate our nearing of our big version 3.0, we thought we'd put a dynamic page together sharing the numbers behind the building of our CRM.

Since launch we've delivered:



..an average of 1.02 updates per week!







Learning to Cut the Crap

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

We've done our best to tattoo this quote on our hearts.
Zero BS CRM is the most lean, effective, & affordable CRM available.
Our Mission: To serve Entrepreneurs and small teams, like us.

No Nonsense Software for Entrepreneurs

Today's world is full of bullshit.
Strong, enduring philosophy doesn't exist in most companies.
We're fighting to be different. We believe in a new breed of no-nonsense entrepreneurs. Every week we add features and improve things, always keeping this no-bullshit mentality in mind.


Since we started Zero BS CRM we've commited 2,323 changes, and today Zero BS CRM is made up of 86,719 lines of code.

... it takes a lot of work to deliver a clean, effective CRM. Whether we're adding features, or refining the CRM, We do it all for our Entrepreneur users.

See it all in action:

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Figures last updated: August 29, 2018

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Check out the full change log below.

We consistently provide Regular Updates for Zero BS CRM, if you download our CRM you'll see the updates - adding new features, fixes and improvements each and every week.

Version 2.98.6 18/03/2019

Fixed: Issue where other SMTP plugins were overriding wp_mail in non-standard way, resulting in our text/html workaround causing send artefacts

Fixed: Proper respect is paid to main email template (previously was mis-linked in settings page) is now _responsivewrap.html & editable

Fixed: php notice

Improved: Added better learn menu to settings page

Improved: Refined main mail template formatting

March 18th, 2019 - 7 days ago

Version 2.98.5 14/03/2019

Added: Custom field type: Radio Buttons

Added: Custom field type: Check Boxes

Added: Custom field type: Auto Number

Added: Contact Update & Delete hooks

Added: Custom field type: Auto Number

Fixed: Unnecessary email output in log when sending via SMTP

Fixed: Generate WP user from Contact View page now works

Fixed: Awesome Support connector display improved and check for WP user existaence

Improved: PayPal Sync now handles large number of transactions, reports import progress and now allows for local timezones diff

Improved: Custom field editor now fully translator friendly & js optimised

Improved: Added better support for fringe cases e.g. entering no options for custom fields select, radio, checkbox

Improved: Output of checkboxes and radio buttons now prettier on client portal

March 14th, 2019 - 11 days ago

Version 2.98.4 11/03/2019

Added: Support functions for Klick-Tipp Connector (imminent release)

Added: Support for “F j, Y” date format

Fixed: 3 php notices for feedback menu

Fixed: Centralised logo switch for ZBS / Whitelabel

Fixed: Bug where segment conditions were not saving

Fixed: Removed debug code

Fixed: Improved timeout for local dev override checks

Fixed: Formatting of datetime on transaction list

Improved: Removed “New” from mature settings pages, added “Extensions” to settings menu

Improved: More politely suppressed upgrade messages for users who’ve already got a CRM Extension

Improved: Now prompts user to generate API keys when they activate the API

Improved: Added API docs button to API settings page

Improved: Client Portal now does not show invoices that are Draft status

Improved: Removal of “Paid #” on invoice list

March 11th, 2019 - 14 days ago
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