A look at Zero BS CRM in Numbers

We've been crafting ZBS CRM for a while now, and to celebrate our nearing of our big version 3.0, we thought we'd put a dynamic page together sharing the numbers behind the building of our CRM.

Since launch we've delivered:



..an average of 0.99 updates per week!







Learning to Cut the Crap

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

We've done our best to tattoo this quote on our hearts.
Zero BS CRM is the most lean, effective, & affordable CRM available.
Our Mission: To serve Entrepreneurs and small teams, like us.

No Nonsense Software for Entrepreneurs

Today's world is full of bullshit.
Strong, enduring philosophy doesn't exist in most companies.
We're fighting to be different. We believe in a new breed of no-nonsense entrepreneurs. Every week we add features and improve things, always keeping this no-bullshit mentality in mind.

See All the Changes...

Check out the full change log below.

We consistently provide Regular Updates for Zero BS CRM, if you download our CRM you'll see the updates - adding new features, fixes and improvements each and every week.

Version 3.0.8 22/01/2020

Added: New font for PDF generation (supports multiple languages including Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari, Latin, Vietnamese)

Added: Migration to automatically install fonts for those users who need them

Added: System status check of font set install

Added: Template support for child pages of client portal

Added: JS Hook for extra invoice functionality

Fixed: Bug which meant link to Quote templates from New Quote page was broken

Fixed: Allow companies to be added without emails

Fixed: Mail Delivery ‘Delete Method’ no longer accidentally deletes the method when you click Cancel

Fixed: Portal Access Denied if WP user does not have a ZBS contact associated to it

Fixed: Long Invoice strings cause non-updates

Fixed: Removed legacy bulk tools data tools button and page

Fixed: If a task was marked complete, then updated it marked it incomplete

Fixed: If a null response given to list view builder JS, it now doesn’t ‘indefinitely load’

Fixed: Stopped fatal error on edge case of directory change post-install of pdfdom

Fixed: When editing a log the type is now respected in the edit screen

Fixed: Company names now display properly on the contact list view v3+

Fixed: Activity logs are now expandable/contractable from the contact view

Fixed: Exports via Bulk Action Export now not limited to 100 records

Fixed: Function call which would ignore WPID even though available as a parameter

Fixed: Invoice customiser now properly saves Hours/Quantity selector choice

Fixed: Clicking email on Name & Avatar on list view now loads prefilled email UI

Fixed: WYSIWYG Form button on Classic Editor no longer shows if module is turned off

Fixed: WYSIWYG Quote template button re-introduced to allow placeholders to be easily inserted

Fixed: Show on Calendar button not being able to be unchecked

Improved: Updated PDF templates to use new font set

Improved: Forced PDF generation to use UTF8 throughout

Improved: Forced PDF generation to use A4 Portrait throughout

Improved: Child Pages of the portal now require log in to view

Improved: Style compatibility tweaks for twenty twenty theme

Improved: Some italian translations strings which were translated via machine translation

Improved: Added core DAL checks for field lengths pre-insert to avoid wpdb errors

Improved: Field abbrievation layer notifies user field value had to be abbreviated

Improved: Removed commas when displaying address with line breaks

Improved: Display Company main email on the View Company page.

Improved: v3 Migration wizard now catches timeouts and automatically picks itself up

Improved: v3 Migration wizard now exposes timeouts experienced on the migration report and system status page

Improved: Removed unnecessary font files to reduce bloat

January 22nd, 2020 - Just now

Version 3.0.7 09/01/2020

Added: Custom fields can now be exported along with other fields via Export Wizard

Fixed: Bug where tasks would be disabled if forms were turned off in certain menu modes

Fixed: Bug where client portal IDs may not have been assigned post v3.0

Fixed: Bug where by typeahead assignments were no longer saving down

Fixed: First addition of a contact loads edit which offers ability to view a non-existant contact

Fixed: Easy-access URLS now work properly for singular quotes

Fixed: A bug where invoices were not viewable by some contacts via client portal

Fixed: Ability to search custom fields of contacts from search box

Fixed: Bug where assignment of event to company wasn’t working in some cases

Fixed: Bug where company assignment easy-view link was incorrectly pointing at contact

Fixed: Transaction attribute shipping_tax had no label

Improved: Export wizard now groups field areas (e.g. Main address, Custom Fields)

Improved: Refactored some variable names for easier code reading

January 9th, 2020 - 14 days ago

Version 3.0.6 20/12/19

Fixed: Bug where unmigrated v3 users may experience an error with WooSync contact generation

Improved: Migration routine extension reactivation – further checks

December 20th, 2019
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