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Private Beta Extensions

The following extensions are nearing completion. Private Beta versions are available for our Entrepreneur Bundle customers.


Automations is your friendly Zero BS CRM robot. It can help automate your tasks such as sending new emails when a contact is added, or helping you assign your leads across your team.


Send SMS from Zero BS CRM using your Twilio Account. Send individual SMS or use Automations to send SMS based on specific contact criteria (such as has status, or has tag).


Membermouse is a premium membership plugin. With our Membermouse integration you can import and manage your membermouse leads and customers with Zero BS CRM.

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Extensions Ideas

The following extensions are what has been requested by our users. Want these extensiosn too? Vote on extensions or help fund them.

Zero BS Inbox

Communication is key. Zero BS Inbox aims to connect Zero BS CRM with a WordPress driven email solution. Similar to GrooveHQ or HelpScout, ZBS Inbox will allow you to manage your inbox and link directly into ZBS CRM


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Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a popular WordPress Form plugin. This extension would allow you to connect your Ninja Form to Zero BS CRM and capture lead information from your Ninja Form.


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Tawk To

Tawk to is a free chat solution for your website. We use it for ZBS. We love its simplicity. Making sure your chat leads are added to your CRM is what this extension aims to achieve


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Client Portal Pro

Power up your Client Portal by allowing customers to view and download files. Includes additional portal template designs


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Intuit Quickbooks

Connect your Zero BS CRM to QuickBoos to connect your invoices and transactiosn to your online Quickbooks account


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WP Live Chat

WP Live Chat is chat plugin that runs on WordPress. Similar to tawk.to this lets you offer live chat support to your visitors


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Expenses module would allow you to keep a record of your expenses against your contacts in your CRM. Useful if you run a client service business (and incur business expenses related to clients)


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Active Campaign

Integration with Active Campaign. Send New Contact Information. Send Tags. Send Transaction data.


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QR code generator

Generate QR codes for Zero BS CRM. Scan a ZBS CRM QR code to capture a contact into your CRM with a particular tag


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Collect visitors into your CRM ('pre-lead'). When an email is collected it attributes the visitor information (site browsing history) to a ZBS CRM lead. Useful for seeing lead capture effectiveness of your website.


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Capture your contacts from your gmail inbox. Discover hidden contacts locked away inside your gmail history


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Loyalty Card System

For offline business allow the use of Loyalty Cards / Loyalty code so that when a card is used it recognises the contact in the CRM and builds up the activity and adds loyalty points when the card is used.


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Capture additional information when a lead is added. Such as referring website. UTM parameters etc. Allowing you to see the effectiveness of your campagins and outreach


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Be notifed via slack about activity in your Zero BS CRM. Be notified on new transactions, new leads. Fully integrated with the Automations extension.


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Want to suggest an extension? Contact us and submit a ticket to let us know. We will then add it to this page.

Zero BS CRM Roadmap

Updated: April 2018

This roadmap highlights the features & improvements planned for Zero BS CRM Core and the existing extensions. Priorities can change as we face new challenges.

At Zero BS CRM we are committed to executing iterative and rapid improvements based on our vision of ZBS CRM and feedback from our users and customers. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas and feedback. If you would like to help fund the roadmap development, you can do so here.

Updates Coming Soon

  • Core: Customer Segments
  • You can currently tag contacts as well as give them statuses. Segments will allow you to create groups of users based on certain criteria. e.g. All contacts who: have tag A but do not have tag B and have status X

    Expected: May 2018

  • Mail Campaigns: Open Rate and Click Through Rate
  • Currently sending email campaigns sends them and logs completion. However you cannot see summaries of how many people have opened or clicked links in the emails

    Expected: May 2018

  • Mail Campaigns: Link Triggers
  • When someone clicks a link in an email campaign we are adding "Link Triggers" to allow tags to be added to customers (or automations ran) if a certain link is clicked.

    Expected: May 2018

  • Mail Campaign: Choose SMTP for Email Delivery
  • Mail Campaigns uses wp_mail() to send emails. We are building in options to allow you to setup SMTP details to control which email account sends the email campaign.

    Expected: May 2018

  • Mail Campaigns: Create Email Sequences
  • Want to setup specific email sequeneces to send to contacts to help automate your workflow? Email sequences will allow this. For this functionality it is important to use a reliable cron job (so that emails are sent when specified - and not on the next page load)

    Expected: May 2018

  • Invoicnig Pro: PDF Invoice Templates
  • In Zero BS CRM there is a single basic template for PDF invoices. We are adding additional invoices templates to invoicing pro to give you more choices on how your invoices look.

    Expected: May 2018

  • Stripe Sync: Webhooks
  • Stripe Sync currently uses WP_Cron to keep Stripe up to date. WP_cron is limited in that it only fires if there's a front end page view. Plus there's lots of reasons why WP_cron might fail. By building in webhooks support Zero BS CRM will stay up to date automatically whenever something happens in your Stripe account

    Expected: July 2018

  • Sales Dashboard: Refinement for new DB
  • Sales Dashboard has been limited by the data structure of DB1.0. Once DB2.0 is fully migrated all objects (transactions, customers, invoices, etc). Additional reporting elements and design improvements will be rolled out.

    Expected: July 2018

Completed updates & Improvements

For all the previous update details check out the Product Updates on the blog

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ZBS require WordPress to work?

Yes, you will need to have an active install of WordPress 4.0+ in order to use ZBS CRM and its Extensions. You can run the CRM and extensions on WordPress.org and the business plan of WordPress.com

Do I need to renew my license?

Your bundle license is valid for one year from the purchase date. You need an active license key for continued access to updates and support. License keys automatically renew after 1 year.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.

What if I don't want to subscribe?

Your subscription can be canceled at anytime after purchase. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. Once expired, you will no longer receive updates or have access to support. You may manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.

What is included in Priority Support?

We provide responsive, helpful, email-based support for our actively licensed customers. We are Zero BS CRM experts and we know WordPress well. All support is UK based, Greenwich Mean Time from 9am-5pm M-F.

What is the Slack Community?

We have an active Zero BS CRM Slack Community. Join us (the ZBS team) and other ZBS users to chat about everything ZBS :).

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