Zero BS Coming Soon

Here are our coming soon extensions and product ideas. We focus our development on the extensions and products with the most demand.  Can’t find what you’re looking for on the list? Submit a new extension request.

Zero BS Inbox

Communication is key. Zero BS Inbox aims to connect Zero BS CRM with a WordPress driven email solution. The ZBS Inbox product will allow you to manage incoming customer emails and link directly into ZBS CRM contact info.



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Lead Tracking

This extension will track which pages your contact has visited on your website and store them into their Activity Log


CRM Sites and Teams

Allow you to setup and manage additional CRM instances from the same website. Create and manage teams within a CRM (e.g. Sales Manager 1 -> Sales Team 1, Sales Manager 2 -> Team 2) includes strict ownership options (i.e. Team Member 1 can only see their own contacts and not other team members)


Electronic Signature

Add the ability for contacts to be signed electronically from the Client Portal (e.g quotes)


Intuit Quickbooks

Connect your Zero BS CRM to QuickBooks to view your QuickBooks information for your contact



Track opportunities through your CRM and see your Sales in the Pipeline. Move opportunities down the pipeline with a drag and drop kanban style board.


Tawk To

Tawk to is a free chat solution for your website. We use it for ZBS. We love its simplicity. Making sure your chat leads are added to your CRM is what this extension aims to achieve


Calendar Pro

Calendar Pro enhances your CRM Task Calendar by allowing you to connect Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendars


Facebook Adverts Lead Integration

This extension would integrate with Facebook Adverts and allow you to capture leads coming from your facebook ads.


Quotes Pro

Add additional functionality to Quotes to be able to embed Invoices into the Quote so that quotes can be accepted and invoices generated from the quote easily



Collect visitors into your CRM ('pre-lead'). When an email is collected it attributes the visitor information (site browsing history) to a ZBS CRM lead. Useful for seeing lead capture effectiveness of your website.


PBX integration

This extension would integrate with a popular PBX (phone box exchange) to bring up the contacts details when a call is received.


Map My Contacts

This extension would add a searchable map page where your contact list will be displayed based on their address location. Ability to refine search area based on inputted location.



Capture additional information when a lead is added. Such as referring website. UTM parameters etc. Allowing you to see the effectiveness of your campagins and outreach



Capture your contacts from your gmail inbox. Discover hidden contacts locked away inside your gmail history


SMS Campaigns

Send out SMS (and Whatsapp/Telegram) messages in campaign-style wizard or via sequences.



Expenses module would allow you to keep a record of your expenses against your contacts in your CRM. Useful if you run a client service business (and incur business expenses related to clients)


Lead Scoring

Related to Lead Tracking. Be able to setup rules to score leads based on their activity. e.g. visiting Pricing Page equals lead score + 10 points.



Be notifed via slack about activity in your Zero BS CRM. Be notified on new transactions, new leads. Fully integrated with the Automations extension.


Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a popular WordPress Form plugin. This extension would allow you to connect your Ninja Form to Zero BS CRM and capture lead information from your Ninja Form.

+1 integration

This extension would integrate with for payments


WP Live Chat

WP Live Chat is chat plugin that runs on WordPress. Similar to this lets you offer live chat support to your visitors


Square Connector

Connects your Zero BS CRM with your Square data. Import and see your Square transactions in your CRM


Google Forms Sync

Integration with Google Forms. Sync your form responses onto your contacts, as logs.


Drip Integration

Drip integration enables you to send smart, targeted email drip campaigns based on the data that you have in Zero BS CRM. Using ZBS and Drip you can send more personal, well timed email drip campaigns to your users.


Loyalty Card System

For offline business allow the use of Loyalty Cards / Loyalty code so that when a card is used it recognises the contact in the CRM and builds up the activity and adds loyalty points when the card is used.


Project Panarama Integration

Integration with Project Panarama WordPress Project Management plugin.


QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes for Zero BS CRM. Scan a ZBS CRM QR code to capture a contact into your CRM with a particular tag



Integration with the mautic platform (


SendinBlue Integration

Integrate Zero BS CRM with SendinBlue email marketing



Integrate Zero BS CRM with ManyChat's instant messaging feature set


iDeal Payment

Add iDeal as a payment gateway for Invoicing Pro (


Integration with Mailster - the WordPress newsletter plugin

Active Campaign

Integration with Active Campaign. Send New Contact Information. Send Tags. Send Transaction data.


Integration with the popular mailing platform GetResponse.

2 Checkout Integration

This extension would give a 2Checkout payment option on Invoicing Pro.

Integromat integration

Add an Integromat integration so that you can add contacts, companies, tags etc. into ZBS via Integromat

Integrate with to send out SMS to your contacts. (We do already have Twilio Connect which will do this via Twilio, included in our CRM Bundles)