Introducing….   Client Portal

Want to see how it looks in action? Watch the short video below which shows around the Client Portal in less than two minutes

In Version 2.0+ of Zero BS CRM we’ve built an amazing Client Portal. This gives you the ability to generate access for your clients to be able to see their history with you. Online.

It’s just getting started, but with version 2.0 we’ve started with what matters most to your business. Gettin’ Paid!

Howdy… partner, how does this all work?

The client portal just works. It needs only minor interaction from you as CRM admin. What’s the minor interaction? You need to generate a WordPress user for your customer. Once your customer is linked to a WordPress user – then they have access to the client portal.

Users are linked via email, and login credentials are shared via the customers email.

  • Give your clients / customers access to their invoices
  • Allow them to pay their invoices online
  • Plus much much more!!


Invoices… all in one place

The Client Portal lets your clients / customers see their invoices all in one place. When used in conjunction with our Invoicing Pro your clients can pay your invoices right from their client portal, using PayPal.

Look how pretty the client portal invoice template is

Client Portal….  included FREE

But wait… what does the Client Portal COST. It’s a really solid feature to the CRM…. and we’ve included it in the core for FREE. It’s best used in conjunction with the invoicing PRO extension to make your invoice payments flow and save you the time manually updating your invoices’ status.