Zero BS CRM is the Ultimate CRM for WordPress. :) to help power the sales of extensions, Zero BS CRM uses itself as the CRM

In this case study we look at how Zero BS CRM converts leads to customers using three powerful extensions.

Zero BS CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which runs on WordPress. You can have powerful CRM features directly from your WordPress admin area. The CRM is free on and comes with optional premium extensions.

Through using Zero BS CRM we’ve been able to focus our sales efforts and increase sales of our extensions..

Mike Stott – Zero BS CRM

It was always our goal with Zero BS CRM to develop a product which we use ourselves everyday. Through using Zero BS CRM to manage sales for our product we are doing exactly what users of our CRM should be doing to increase their own sales.

We wanted a CRM which was easy to use, worked with WordPress and had the ability to connect to Stripe and WooCommerce. No good solution existed so we developed ZBS CRM

Through carefully designing our landing pages and capturing users of the free product as leads we’ve been able to target our communications and increase the number of people who purchase extensions.

Zero BS CRM is a WordPress Plugin. It’s software which people can download for free and use to manage their customer relationships. All you need is web hosting, a domain name and WordPress installed and you’re ready to go. The plugin comes with premium extensions, which are sold to users of the free “Core” plugin (which is available here: Download the Core CRM.

What we wanted to cover in this case study is how Zero BS CRM is using it’s own product to sell to customers (we use Zero BS CRM to manage our Free Users and convert them to Customers) – but how do we do it?

Here’s the steps in our process

  • People visit our website (
  • Someone downloads the free CRM “Core”
  • They activate and install the plugin
  • They complete a welcome wizard, and (optionaly) share their email with us
  • This adds them to our system as a “Lead” (via our API)
  • We use two extensions to help with converting to customers (Automations, and ConvertKit)
  • We use another extension (Funnels) to check the effectiveness of our process
  • We monitor and adjust our process based on the Funnels information

Zero BS CRM: Funnels

First up I wanted to cover the Funnels extension and how we’re using it. Zero BS CRM: Funnels tracks your contacts via their status and displays them in a funnel so you can see the rate at which people drop off between steps.

We get our “Visitors” information from Google Analytics and the number of “New Users” that reach our website each period. This gives us the foot-fall of our website and the potential users of our product

The next step, Leads comes directly from Zero BS CRM. When someone completes the welcome wizard and chooses to share their essentials (name, email and basic CRM settings) we get notified and we add their details as a Lead in our system

As of January 2018 this has been our only source of “Leads” as we wanted to understand the rate at which users who share their essentials, end up purchasing a bundle. In February 2018 we also made sure that our support contact form (running on Contact Form 7) also sent the data into our CRM (but with status “emailed”).

Understanding Drop Off

It’s important at each step in our Funnel to understand what the drop off means. In our example it shows that 90% of our Leads don’t make it through to the next stages.

The next stages in our Funnel setup is either “Emailed” or “Customer” and the funnel is back-filled (i.e. it assumes that customers have emailed us (which isn’t always true). This saves having a funnel which dips to only a handful of “emailed” and jumps back up for customers who have gone straight from Lead to Customer

It’s only one way of looking at the data. You could take off “Emailed” out of the Funnel and just track “Lead” to “Customer” however we like to show the Emailed stage as it helps us to also see how much pressue our support team is under (i.e. are a high proportion of Leads needing to email in before making a purchase). A large drop off between Emailed and Customer would imply that people are contacting us, but not purchasing.

We still manage to convert around 10% of Leads entering our system to Customers, which is great for a WordPress plugin. There’s no hiding the fact that using Zero BS CRM has helped us to do this. I’ll now look at how we convert our leads using two our of premium extensions – Automations, and ConvertKit.

Automating Outreach

We’ve found that sending a personal email to new users can really help with onboarding and converting to customers. At the very least you’ll meet some nice people and receive some useful feedback, just for opening a dialog.

Not everyone replies though, for various reason. They may be too busy, the email address may not be correct, or generally they don’t want to share their views. This is why we have our first contact email go out Automatically using our Automations extension

The Automations extension (included only in the Entrepreneur’s Bundle) allows you to setup rules based on certain triggers in Zero BS CRM. You’ll see in the image that we have a rule that says “When a new contact is added, if they are a lead, send them an email”.

This takes the initial contact email and automates it. Since not everyone will reply to the email we then only need to spend our time replying to the people that do. This is a massive time-saver for us and allows us to focus our time and energy on chatting with users who are willing to engage.

Having this step in incredibly valuable since it allows us to talk to our users, understand how they’re using our product. In these emails we are able to get an understanding of what features they’d like to see (and which would make them convert) as well as understand any onboarding issues that they may be having. Once we get this intel we’re able to refine our product so that other users don’t have the same issues or find their way around a little bit easier.

Integrating with ConvertKit

We’ve used ConvertKit as our email marketing software for a while and have our new user sequences also running as users join our email list. We use the ConvertKit extension to be able to add (and tag) new contacts into our email list – and these then get added to our auto-responder which helps guide them through using Zero BS CRM and letting them know about features of the CRM, or areas that they may not have discovered yet.

You don’t need to use ConvertKit for this step, we also integrate with MailChimp and also have our own extension to send email campaigns to your contact list. Either option is valid for you if you’re looking to emulate how Zero BS CRM are acquiring and converting leads.

Having this sequence in place is also important to us. It helps us to make sure our users have the information they need to be using the CRM, as well as allows us to market our extensions at the relevant time for them.

We’ve been able to increase sales of our extensions by 100% through having this process in place. It’s been through a combination of listening to users and buidling a product which fits their needs. All made possible through understanding and managing our customer relationships.

Mike Stott – Zero BS CRM


Recap: Turning Leads into Customers effortlessly

This case study has touched on a suite of extensions which Zero BS CRM is using to manage the sales of it’s own extensions. It uses:-

  • Automations – to make initial outreach easy
  • ConvertKit – to send email sequences based on CRM tags
  • Funnels – to monitor the effectiveness of the process

All these extensions are included in our Entrepreneur’s bundle, plus much more. Through using the bundle you get access to all extensions, and all future extensions that we release.