Unicenta is a point of sale system that utilises Zero BS CRM at the heart of its operations.

In this case study we look at how Unicenta are setup and use Zero BS CRM to help power their PoS service.

Zero BS CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which runs on WordPress. You can have powerful CRM features directly from your WordPress admin area. The CRM is free on WordPress.org and comes with optional premium extensions.

Having a CRM that easily plugged in to our site, was up and running within minutes and was put to use almost immediately is a big WOW factor

Jack – Unicenta

The main goal for uniCenta was to connect the suite of separate systems we use to run our business – Membership, Forums and Payments – and join them up so that day-to-day administration would mainly take care of itself.

After months of research, trialling and testing of various CRM systems such as hosted/self-hosting SugarCRM, vTiger and a bunch of others like Hubspot; the choice was ZBS.

It can take a considerable amount of time, effort and money to being able to quickly implement a solution, so finding ZBS was nothing less than a blessing.

How Unicenta uses Zero BS CRM

So far you may have noticed I haven’t really touched on Marketing to our customer base that’s because like many other entrepreneurs uniCenta operates within its available resources. Handling enquiries, follow-ups and turning them into customers takes time so getting the right tool to do the job quickly, effectively and efficiently was key for us.

Bottom line: uniCenta Support Services are based on time. Obviously, more customers means more time needed… so, give me a tool that saves time day-in-day-out that lets me talk with more customers for the same effort is not hard to figure; right?.

Having a (nearly) fully integrated system for uniCenta is beginning to change the way we do business. From being a “reactive” business we are moving towards being “proactive” which means we can offer a better and more value-add service to our customers. We are already seeing an improvement in subscription renewals, retention and reduced customer churn rates

ZBS is great Out-Of-The-Box but it gets even better when used as the base for building a CRM which one can tweak to suit the business.

Jack – Unicenta

Recap: Unicenta: Using Zero BS CRM to link in with PoS service

This case study has touched on a suite of extensions which Unicenta use to assist their business. It uses:-

  • Forms – to capture leads into Zero BS CRM and follow up
  • Stripe Sync – to see which contact has subscribed to which product
  • API – to connect custom solutions from their PoS system to ZBS CRM

All these extensions are included in our Entrepreneur’s bundle, plus much more. Through using the bundle you get access to all extensions, and all future extensions that we release.