Public Relations XL - Public Relations eXtra Large is a consultant agency for marketing automation located in cologne, Germany. – Public Relations eXtra Large is a consultant agency for marketing automation located in cologne, Germany. They help Entrepreneurs to get more time for the important things in their business by automating their sales and recruiting processes.

We love the excellent support of ZBS CRM, problems were solved individually by the team behind ZBS CRM. This closeness to customers gives us the feeling that our needs are always at the forefront of their thinking. That is a very important point to us! .

Dipl.-Kfm. Bodo Priesterath | owner and CEO of

Why did you need a CRM?

We use Klick-Tipp and we wanted a CRM to integrate with.

Klick-Tipp is a very good system to automate communication processes in marketing, sales and internal corporate communication but it is definitely no CRM. 

Maintenance and direct access to just one lead is a bit tricky. That’s why we were searching for an easy solution, we could offer to our customers to handle these tasks without digging to deep into the Klick-Tipp contact cloud. That solution is Zero BS CRM.

Why did you choose ZBS CRM

ZBS CRM in combination with the CRMinjector offered a perfect, slim solution for this problem. The other CRMS we looked into, were to complex and overloaded with tools we did not need to solve this specific problem we had. That’s why we love the MED principle behind ZBS CRM.

Due to the tagging options of ZBS CRM we were able to offer the perfect solution to our customers. Using ZBS CRM cut down their training expenses by 30% compared with former solutions plus more freedom in managing their sales and marketing processes.

Leads, they collect at exhibition stands via our solution for exhibitioners get straight into the CRM and can instantaneously be used by the sales team to start predefined campaigns via tags.

Our clients love this new solution for the ease of use and the enormous speed advantage compared with the traditional handling of business leads.

How does ZBS CRM fit into your day to day process?

ZBS CRM was a great find and really helped us to develop a clean and simple solution for our clients. We thank the whole team of ZBS CRM for their great work!

As an agency, we rely heavily on easy solutions that improve the workflow of our clienst. We have found the Zero BS CRM to be a easy to implement solution in our armoury when working with klick-tipp. For me the opportunity to provide a really simple user friendly experience to our customers was a big help!

Dipl.-Kfm. Bodo Priesterath | owner and CEO of