Pressertech is a car tuning service based in the USA. They use Zero BS CRM to keep track of their customer base.

In this case study we look at how Pressertech is using Zero BS CRM to tune things up.

Zero BS CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which runs on WordPress. You can have powerful CRM features directly from your WordPress admin area. The CRM is free on and comes with optional premium extensions.

  Overall, we love using ZBS CRM. When we’re busy, working hard, helping customers, it’s nice to know that ZeroBS CRM is doing the same thing. Making our customers data accessible with a click and allowing us to improve our service in the process is a win, win situation for all.

Scott – Pressertech

Pressertech have been using PayPal for years. They’d built up a solid business but didn’t run a CRM. They wanted to be able to build relationships better with their customers and leads and a CRM which fitted directly into their website was a big bonus.

Prior to Zero BS CRM, Pressertech managed customers through the Quickbooks interface. While this gave a good overview it lacked in some of the additional prowess that running a CRM sytem would give. They needed a CRM and Zero BS CRM was their weapon of choice.

After implementing Zero BS CRM and importing their customer history from PayPal, they have been able to easily keep on top of customer relationships and the overall business progress. Zero BS CRM has helped to streamline their operations and now keeping in touch is a breeze

Pressertech is a leading company in the Vehicle Performance Tuning sector. Pressertech deals with mainly European Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, Bugatti and several others. They offer Performance Tuning and other services related to the cars Electronic Control Modules to customers that expect good service.

This case study looks at how Pressertech is setup, and how Zero BS CRM plays an important role in their business. Pressertech must be doing something right, they are one of the fastest growing Performance Tuning companies in the USA. They are using Zero BS CRM to compliment other plugins that they are running, rather than expect the CRM to do non-CRM tasks.

Here’s a high level business model for Pressertech

  • Potential customers call or visit the website to obtain more information.
  • All Contact Forms are fully integrated into the website and ZeroBS CRM which adds the contact information to ZBS as a Lead.
  • When a customer calls their facility, all interaction is logged to a new or existing lead quickly and efficiently using Activity Logs
  • All orders are paid for via a Paypal invoice and transactions are imported directly using ZBS’s Paypal Sync plugin and the lead is automatically converted to a customer while adding the transaction info.

How Pressertech uses Zero BS CRM

Pressertech uses this lead function to it’s full extent. It allows us to follow up with a potential customer with ease. Not pushy, but a good follow up schedule helps conversion. We typically log in to ZBS CRM each morning. We go to the view all contacts section and then filter with the help of a single click and we’re able to see all of our leads. Leads older than 3 days have a follow up phone call made or an email sent to the potential customers simply asking if they have all their questions answered. No need to be pushy here, just a simple email or a pleasant call.

After one week, another more detailed email is sent. In this email, we let the customers know why they should choose us over a competitor. We’re never pushy but we do point out our competitive advantage loud and clear.

After 3 weeks, we send another email. We no longer call but we will let the potential customer know that we won’t be bothering them, but we again point out our competitive advantage and let them know that we are here when they need us, in their time and at their pace.

The leads are then added to our Mail Chimp campaign and then receive once a month generic emails with interesting articles and industry news. I’ll point out the fact that we never try to push a sale. We provide information and great articles about different topics within the major European Luxury brands. At any point, the customer can opt out and we make this plain and clear.

Using ZBS CRM has helped our company go from a very small conversion rate to over 48% conversion of all leads generated and placed in ZBS CRM. That’s a huge win for us.

Using ZeroBS CRM for us starts with the ZBS dashboard. Here we get a quick overview of how we’re doing. We’re able to see our metrics like total contacts, how many are customers and how many are leads. We can also see our total number of transactions which is a great way to quickly see how much repeat business we’re getting. Our customer to transaction ratio is just great. I also like the sales graph showing me how we’re doing compared to the last 4 months. It is a motivator to say the least. No-one wants to see that graph lower!

Digging Into Sales Dashboard

I personally dig deeper into the optional Sales Dashboard extension. This shows me exactly where we are in financial terms. Granted, it’s not as feature rich as an accounting app but it really does highlight the more important things such as gross and net revenue.

I can also see my customer acquisition as compared to 30-days ago which gives me valuable insight. Much to my staff’s dismay, it also gives me instant access to discounts passed on to customers. I like to believe that we offer an exceptional product at a very fair price.

I really don’t like the games some have of hitting a moving target. How many times have we seen offers like 30% off next week but an additional 10% if you buy before 10AM? Why not price your product correctly in the first place?

You can imagine a customer that’s just spent $2000 USD on a product only to receive an email blast showing him he could now get it for $1260 USD. Don’t know about you, but that just stinks.

  Zero BS CRM is the go to CRM for us. The open community and responsiveness of the team really makes us feel like we influence the features in the CRM. Highly recommended.

Scott – Pressertech

Recap: Using Zero BS CRM to fine tune Pressertech

This case study has touched on a suite of extensions which Presserteach use to assist their business. It uses:-

  • Form integrations – to collect leads directly into Zero BS CRM
  • PayPal Sync – to assign transactions to customers
  • Sales Dashboard – to check in on sales progress and performance

All these extensions are included in our Entrepreneur’s bundle, plus much more. Through using the bundle you get access to all extensions, and all future extensions that we release.