Online English Lab

Online English Lab teaches English as a second language. It uses Zero BS CRM to keep track of students and what lessons they have taken.

In this case study we look at how Online English Lab uses Zero BS CRM to manage their clientele of students.

Zero BS CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which runs on WordPress. You can have powerful CRM features directly from your WordPress admin area. The CRM is free on and comes with optional premium extensions.

  Through using Zero BS CRM we’ve been able to get more students to take additional classes by tailoring our communications relative to which courses they’ve already taken.

Wendy Lam – Online English Lab

Online English Lab didn’t have a CRM. They wanted to keep track of students activities and be able to get more students to re-enrol onto new classes. The CRM had to fit in nicely with the current business software. We use WordPress and take our student lesson bookings via our site. A WordPress CRM was a definite bonus.

Now all students activity can be managed via their contact profile. Smart tagging and custom emails help us offer the right course, to the right student at the right time.

Online English Lab is a company which teaches English as a foreign language to people who want to pass their IELTs examinations. The courses cover IELTS Exam Preparation, General English and Exam Marking. They also are preparing video presentations / slides for students to be able to self-study.

This case study looks at how Online English Lab are setup, and how Zero BS CRM plays an important role in their business. Online English Lab are doing it right. They are using Zero BS CRM to compliment other plugins that they are running, rather than expect the CRM to do non-CRM tasks.

Here’s a high level business model for Online English Lab

  • Potential Students visit the website
  • A Contact Form is used for any enquries (which are added as Leads)
  • They use a booking calendar (external plugin) to book a class when purchasing
  • Classes are paid for using credit card (handled by Stripe)

Online Calendar Booking System

Online English Lab uses a Team Booking Calendar plugin to be able to accept appointments from students wanting to take a class. Online English Lab uses this plugin for accepting appointments, which costs $24 but fits a lot of requirements (and is something which can easily be integrated with Zero BS CRM)

The plugin does a lot of good appointment related things out the box such as syncing with the teachers google calendars, accepting payment (via Stripe) and converting time slots to the local timezone of the visitor.

This system works extremely well for Online English Lab. What was missing was a way to manage the students data that came in and understand who had purchased what and when.

Introducing Stripe and Stripe Sync

Stripe is a credit card processing company and a lot of systems integrate with Stripe. When deciding on how to accept payments, Online English Lab chose the Stripe setting as this accepts cards and has various benefits compared to PayPal. Therefore Online English Lab needed Stripe Sync to connect the payment information of students with Zero BS CRM and start getting things under control.

PayPal could also just as easily be used (and PayPal Sync is available). These extensions bring in your transaction data from Stripe (or PayPal) and generate CRM contacts with the payment information easily displayed.

The Sync Extensions keep the CRM up to date and Online English Lab can easily see what students have purchased and when.

Analysing Transactions

Having the list of transactions for each student really helps when on a Skype lesson. The tutor can see how many classes they’ve had, how much they’ve spent and use the information to be able to sell additional services easier.

In the example above, the student has had some Exam marking as well as a General English lesson. This is useful to know as the team can then look to sell additional services to this student, such as the upcoming Higher Level IELTS course.

Using Sales Dashboard Data

Sales Dashboard is an extension which brings a detailed overview into the CRM of sales activity. It can be filtered by transaction tag and help the team know which product is doing the best.

This allows the business to see which classes are the most popular and they can target their marketing efforts to reflect this information.

This is all automatically populated through the use of Zero BS CRM and the extensions available in the Entrepreneurs’ Bundle.

Keeping up with Students going cold

One of the most beneficial tactics employed by Online English Lab has been to use the “last contacted in X days” feature of Zero BS CRM. This allows the team to see which students were last contacted when.

Using this in conjunction with the quick filter to show a list of students not contacted in the last 30 days, Online English lab are able to run through the list and drop the student a quick email.

But what does that email look like? Here’s an insight:

Hi {firstname}, 

It’s been 30 days since your last class, it’s incredibly important to have regular sessions to make sure your English is at the required level to pass IELTS. 

We are keen to give you the best chance possible of passing and would like to invite you back for 10 more lessons at a discounted rate. 



Online English Lab Founder

  We’ve been able to increase the number of students taking extra classes by over 50% through using Zero BS CRM and the Entrepreneur’s Bundle. The level of insight gained from the smart tagging and sales analysis really helps us know where to focus our energy.

Wendy Lam – Online English Lab

Recap: Getting more students to re-enrol

This case study has touched on a suite of extensions which Online English Lab uses to manage students. It uses:-

  • Contact Form 7 – to capture enquiries into Zero BS CRM as leads
  • Stripe Sync – to popuplate student’s records with their payment history
  • Sales Dashboard – to analyse performace and see which class works best

All these extensions are included in our Entrepreneur’s bundle, plus much more. Through using the bundle you get access to all extensions, and all future extensions that we release.