Leads 2 Go

Leads 2 Go Pro is a lead sourcing platform which distributes leads to users based on their account settings. They use Zero BS CRM to help manage their leads and who has access to them.

In this case study we look at how Leads to Go Pro uses Zero BS CRM to distribute leads.

Zero BS CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which runs on WordPress. You can have powerful CRM features directly from your WordPress admin area. The CRM is free on WordPress.org and comes with optional premium extensions.

 Through using Zero BS CRM we’ve been able to automate the laborious task of manually assigning leads on a round robin basis.

Dave Scribner – Leads 2 Go Pro


Leads to Go wanted to use a CRM to manage their lead generation distribution. This way they can keep track of clients (CRM customer manager role) and leads (Zero BS contacts) all in one system.


When leads were sourced by Leads 2 Go, the admin had to manually assign the lead to the next person in line. Then draft and send an email as well as compose a text message.


Through using Zero BS CRM and Automations, this is now taken care of automatically. Saving the business countless management hours and streamlining their business model.

What is Leads 2 Go Pro

Leads 2 Go Pro is a company which curates high quality leads. These leads are distributed to subscribers and the whole system is managed via Zero BS CRM’s contact list, and CRM team member role permissions.

This short case study looks at how Leads 2 Go has automations setup to allow the business to scale and save countless man hours when it comes to adding and distributing leads to clients.

Before using Zero BS CRM the process of assigning and notifying a client of a new lead took hours, now it doesn’take any time at all.

Here’s a high level business model for Leads 2 Go Pro

  • Leads are curated by Leads 2 Go Pro
  • Clients (ZBS CRM Customer Managers) are distributed on a round robin basis
  • Clients are notifed via Email
  • Clients are also notified via SMS using the Twilio extension

Automating the Lead Assignment Process

Here is where Zero BS CRM’s Automations comes into its own. This extension is available in the Entrepreneurs’ Bundle and helps you to automate tasks inside your CRM.

This automation saves the admin from having to manually assign a new lead to the next available client. The old process involved checking the lead, reviewing the customer managers and seeing who is next for a lead. Then sending that manager an email and an SMS to let them know they have a lead to action.

Sending an SMS using Twilio

The Twilio extension is a great addition if you want to send mobile SMS. The clients of Leads 2 Go Pro may not be sitting at a computer all day checking emails, so a quick SMS was needed to them makes sure they see the new contact as soon as they are added.

The speed of a follow up with a new lead is incredibly important and notifying the customer manager via SMS cuts down the response time massively and helps more leads get converted.

This is kept short and sweet since it will be delivered via a SMS message. Automations allows you to customise what is sent using the customer record #shorttags# which also cover your custom fields.

We can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that Zero BS CRM is working tirelessly behind the scenes distributing leads automatically to our clients.

Dave Scribner – Leads 2 Go Pro

Recap: Distributing Leads to subscribers

This case study has touched on a suite of extensions which Leads 2 Go Pro use to assist their business. It uses:-

  • Automations – set up to distribue leads and send out automatic emails and SMS
  • Twilio – needed to add SMS capabilities to Zero BS CRM

All these extensions are included in our Entrepreneur’s bundle, plus much more. Through using the bundle you get access to all extensions, and all future extensions that we release.