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Keith Blakemore Noble

Keith is a a coach, speaker, author, entertainer, trainer, and show host. Everything he does is about helping people to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths.

Public Relations XL – Public Relations eXtra Large is a consultant agency for marketing automation located in cologne, Germany.

Pioneer Vintage Trailer

Pioneer Vintage Trailer specialises in Airstream customizations for vending & concession trailers. Vintage and modern Airstream exterior / interior repairs & remodeling.

JSY Media

JSY Media is a website design company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Zero BS CRM has helped them to continue to grow their business and client base.


Unicenta is a point of sale system that utilises Zero BS CRM at the heart of its operations.


Pressertech is a car tuning service based in the USA. They use Zero BS CRM to keep track of their customer base.

Leads 2 Go

Leads 2 Go Pro is a lead sourcing platform which distributes leads to users based on their account settings. They use Zero BS CRM to help manage their leads and who has access to them.

Online English Lab

Online English Lab teaches English as a second language. It uses Zero BS CRM to keep track of students and what lessons they have taken.


Zero BS CRM is the Ultimate CRM for WordPress. 🙂 to help power the sales of extensions, Zero BS CRM uses itself as the CRM

What are entrepreneur's saying about Zero BS CRM?

95%+ Reviews on

The plugin itself is just great and my client has been able to use it effectively from day 1.

ZBSCRM is the BEST solution I have seen or used. Ever! I've been involved with putting business online since the 1990's. Have used every option out there. I am telling you the truth when I say this software has no equal. It is easy to customize, easy to learn, easy to use.

It’s a pleasure. I’ve been working with @mike for the past week and it’s been an amazing experience. The application is running great with Zero BS. No pun intended. It just does what it suppose to do.

I've been so absolutely impressed with everyones work and responsiveness, you guys are amazing and you earned every accolade I can throw your way. I've never with a service of any kind felt like I mattered so much. every one of you staff and project managers should be proud

A really good free CRM, not only in WordPress plugins, but in the whole open source, just do what is needed and still improving in each release, providing meaningful updates to free version.

Now I’m using ZeroBS and it works pretty straight forward. Of course there are always things that can be improved, but the guys behind this CRM are hands-on and give great support. They also update the CRM all the time. So I am happy :) thanks guys

Thank you for the great CRM plugin, just what I need

Even better than any big box enterprises’ software out there. We’ve tried many complicated online solutions and cloud integrations in the past and now we’ve simply found THE solution!

Great functionality and support. Always helpful and adding new features.

Note: This pricing is pre v3.0 launch.
v3.0 Launches next month and after that these prices will go up.


$129 $259

per year

  • Access to 4 Extensions
    (Inv Pro, Gravity Forms, PayPal Sync, Woo Sync)
  • Basic Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

Best Seller


$199 $499

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • Single Site License.
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

$649 $1,299

per year

  • Access to ALL Extensions
    (and every new release)
  • Priority Support.
  • 10 Site License & Rebranding Platform
  • Access to Slack Community
  • 12 Months Support & Updates

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Lock in your price - Purchase a bundle at this reduced price, and we'll never put your yearly renewal up.

*Prices listed are in USD. All licenses are auto-renewed after one calendar year for continued software updates and support access. All purchases are subject to our terms and condition of use.

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