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ZBS CRM was started by two british entrepreneurs, run from remote 'offices' around the world. Born from a successful side project, ZBS CRM is the culmination of our decades in online business & development, and is primarily concerned with cutting the crap out of business tools.

Who Are We

ZBS was founded in 2016 by Mike Stott and Woody Hayday. Mike is the master of finance, statistics & biz ops, Woody the minimalist inventor, and lead developer.

Mike Stott of Zero BS CRM

Mike Stott

Previously an actuary at a top global insurance firm, Mike is a prime example of the modern remote entrepreneur.

Having grown profitable businesses (such as Epic Plugins) alongside a high-level role in corporate finance, he then successfully transitioned to self-employed freedom.

He has spent the past year working on Zero BS remotely as he travelled around the world on his honeymoon.

Having learned to write cutting-edge code, Mike now spends his time rapidly developing for ZBS CRM, and overlooks business operations.

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Woody Hayday of Zero BS CRM

Woody Hayday

As a self-taught hacker developer, Woody has been in business since his teenage years, having grown up with an entrepreneur dad.

He enjoys reading widely, then hybridising wisdom from across fields to invent & refine software and business workflows.

After suffering burnout from overwork he is now on a mission to 'cut the crap' and refine business tools for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Woody is also a published author, and started a non-profit which plants trees with a portion of book-profits, (Plant a Book). For his book launch he personally planted a tree for each book sold.

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Our Manifesto & Principles

Wouldn't it be great if all apps were built for people?

Seems like a no-brainer, but we started this CRM because the other platforms all had issues, like ridiculous feature-bloat and obnoxious pricing.

With Zero BS CRM we are trying to build a totally different type of software - software as purist tools for people.

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Minimum Effective Dose (MED)
The MED is the smallest effective input to produce a desired outcome. Anything beyond the MED is wasteful.

We're of the generation of business-hackers which read Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin. We want to cut the corporate crap right out of everything.

Gone are the days of tie-wearing, useless-meetings, and baggy software. We're here to live happily, and we're doing that by crafting software which is refined yet powerful.

Zero BS CRM Bull

If you're keen to impact this world, (through business, organisation, or graft); to use your energies wisely, and to skip the nonsense - We think you'll like what we make.

How We Work

Zero BS exists to serve entrepreneurs.
Everything we do, day-to-day, is focused on this service.

As we've grown we've had to scramble to get various systems in place to support the influx of support tickets, feature requests, and new customers. We're now at a point where much of this has been refined, and our working days are far less fire-fighting, far more development & customer-focused.

Woody Hayday of Zero BS CRM

Take a 9-5, throw out all the rules, trim the hours to the human capacity, and you'll get something like what we work. It's getting proven all the time that these legacy working conditions are not as effective as the 'new wave' entrepreneurship routines. We don't need to read studies or books on it, we know this is true from experience. Ever since we started working together, ZBS has had a human-first work policy. We're Type A individuals, so for us the problem isn't work-motivation, it's sustainable crafting vs burning out.

Here's a rough overview of the key elements we've found to keeping a happy #team:

  • Remote (no fixed offices)
  • Regular comms, human connection
  • Investing in people - side projects and courses
  • Cutting edge sotware tools
  • Home-baked deployment/scripts
  • Macbook Pros, Sublime & Vis Studio
  • 80% Craft Development, 20% Marketing
  • Sundays tools-down

...And for those interested, here's our go-to stack for founder-level ops:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Jira/BitBucket
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Toggl, Koala, Filezilla, iTerminal, Cashnotify
  • Zero BS CRM (of course!)

Why don't you Join us?

We're looking for developers interested in inventing, but capable of sustained, refined code & features. We're also always looking to work with entreprenurs who want no-nonsense systems that don't cost more than a new porsche. If you're either of these, get in touch:

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