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Manage Customer Relationships using WordPress

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You need a CRM, but why ZBS?

Simply put: Paying monthly sucks. Over-complex software slows your company down. Your data should be your data. With ZBS CRM, you self-host your own CRM, own your data, choose your features, and pay very, very little for exactly the CRM you need with our amazing set of extensions.

The Free Customer Relationship Manager

Self Hosted, Powered by WordPress.

WordPress is the most used website platform on the internet. It’s mature, robust, and really, really easy to install. ZeroBS CRM is a plugin which sits on top of a WordPress install, on your server. All of your data sits on your hosting, giving you absolute control. WordPress is just for blogging? Bullsh*t!!.

No monthly costs. Fair priced Extensions.

It will cost you nothing to download and install ZBSCRM. Out of the box it will give you customer management tools, quotes, invoices and attachments. This core functionality suits many businesses from day 1. For those who want more features, we sell world-class extensions for one-off prices.

KISS: Always Lean and Clean.

KISS stands for Keep it Super Simple. That’s our motto here. Absolutely-zero-bull-sh*t. Once you’ve installed ZBS you’re done. It just works. Extensions? (Optionally), usually take a minute to install. You don’t get 500 features that you have to pay for but never use. Your team will love you.

Take a stand against the nonsense. Try ZeroBS CRM today, make more and save the monthly bill:
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Epic features, just when you want them

Only pay for what you need

The Zero BS CRM is a no bullsh*t Customer Relationship Manager which works out of the box. Use your CRM to keep all your customer information in one place. Easily reach out to customers when you need to.

The core CRM system is free and always will be. You can use the core system to

  • Manage Customers
    • Keep their info up to date
    • Tag them, or add notes
    • Attach documents
    • Contact them
  • Manage Quotes
  • Manage Invoices
  • Manage Transactions
  • Team ready, with user roles:
    • Admin role (add and manage your CRM users)
    • Customer Manager role
    • Invoice / Quote Manager role
    • Transactions Manager role

Entrepreneurs and small teams can get a lot of value out of using our simple, free CRM. It connects you with your customers without any bullsh*t middle-layers. Many choose our extensions because they take this to the next level, helping you to leverage your customer data even further.They’re not essential, they’ll always be optional, but they’re crazy useful!

Not sure where to start

We’ve rolled the three most-used extensions into a Starter Bundle that gives you a plug-and-play next level CRM. That’s a great start.

If you’re not investing yet, download a copy of ZBS CRM here and just get stuck in!





5 / 5


No Bullsh*t

CRM System

Zero BS CRM's focus is on giving you the tools needed to increase the value of your business. Customer Management done right.

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Key Features & Highlights

Turn Leads into Customers

Log your leads in the CRM and turn them into paying customers through easy to use tools to keep in touch. With access to information about your customers habits you can supercharge your business. All hosted on your own site.

Sell more to your existing customers

See how much your customers and worth and what invoices and transactions you have on the system for them. Use the data to give them what they want through cross-sells and up-sells.

See what causes more sales

By recording your transactions in the CRM against customers you can see exactly what causes more sales. Did your latest email campaign cause a jump in sales?

Expand your team

The Zero BS CRM comes with a user system which lets you grant access to your CRM to your support team (if you have one). Assign roles and responsibilities to your team while you keep overall control.

Never miss a quote

Keep track of which customers need a quote from you. Never miss a trick and always keep your customers needs to the front of your business. This is the power behind Zero BS CRM. "Needs a quote" makes sure you always give customers your best.

Extend to be as powerful as you need

Zero BS CRM is the easiest to use customer relationship manager available. Free to install and have access to customer management, quote management, invoice management as well as use the CRM with as many users as you like. No per user fees here.