Zero BS CRM Features

The Zero BS CRM is a fully functional Customer Relationship Management tool, running on a WordPress install.

Manage Your Customers Easily

Zero BS CRM gives you a really easy way to Add New customers and manage them from your very own setup. The power in running the Customer Relationship Manager yourself is there’s no limits to the number of customers you manage and there’s no additional cost (it’s free) if you want to add more team members to your system.


Easily Manage Customer Invoices

Add a customer, create invoices for the work you do for them, manage these via your CRM and attach them to customers. Ever been caught hunting around your email to find that invoice you sent? With your invoices attached to customers all within your CRM you’ll never struggle to find your invoices.


Send and Maintain Quotes

Building up Leads as a business? The Zero BS CRM system gives you a create way to show which customers you’ve not create a quote for yet. This is a great way of managing your business and BRINGING MORE SALES. Never miss sending a quote out to your Leads and manage all the quotes you’ve issued from your ‘Manage Customers’ page.


Quick and Easy Install

Zero BS CRM is available via the WordPress plugin dashboard, simply head over to the Plugins section, ‘Add New’ and search for ZBS CRM. If you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, simply hit ‘Upload Plugin’ and upload and activate the ZIP file.


Updates via WordPress

When any update to the Zero BS CRM system is available you’re automatically notified via your WP Dashboard, simply hit ‘Update’ and you’re delivered the latest version, without any additional costs. You can even set your WordPress install up to automatically update plugins when new versions are available. Simple and effective.

Extendable and Powerful

The Zero BS CRM system comes with some great ways to extend to have deeper analysis into your Customer information, like the Sales Dashboard.  All the ZBS Extensions are a one-time cost. There’s no pay monthly fees here.


Much more to come…

We’ve only just launched (5th July 2016) and there’s much more to come. We’ve been listening to feedback and have a number of extensions in the pipeline. Want lifetime access? We’re running a special Launch Week Giveaway where you can win our Lifetime Bundle (worth $1,000). All Extensions, Ever.