Welcome to our FAQ

We’ve not been asked anything (yet)..  but to make up some bullsh*t questions would be childish, right? ..  whoops…

Why is ZBS CRM Free?

The million dollar question…  it’s free because we wanted to build a CRM that wasn’t cluttered with features but gave you just what you needed to be up and running with your CRM. Read more on our pricing page here.

Extensions aren’t free though, are they!

No, extensions aren’t free. But you don’t need them to be up and running with your CRM, they just help out a lot. We are a couple of freelance developers who love to build cool things that are epic for WordPress. We have mouths to feed and dreams to fulfil (read some more about us, in the about us page…) so we charge a fair price for the extensions. Check out our pricing page.

What about licensing, is there a multi-site?

You only need one CRM for your business, so for a personal level there’s no need to have this multi-site operational. All extensions are single site licenses and you’re provided with a license key as part of your purchase. Keep your files safe once you’ve downloaded them and keep your license key private (we may ask you for it as part of any queries)

How do I get support?

We have a walkthrough video on YouTube touring the plugin and the extensions, but what’s more… all the extensions are documented along with the Core CRM system over at the documentation site.

This doesn’t have feature [insert feature here]

Doesn’t it…   sh*t. That’s probably because we’ve either not been told about it, haven’t seen it as a need or just haven’t had time yet. This doesn’t mean it’s not coming or cannot be put on the roadmap. If you have a feature request please reach out to us at hello@zerobscrm.com

I’ve found a bug!

Awww sh*tttt. Let us know please and we’ll hunt it down and batter it over the head with a big bug killing stick. No seriously, hit us up and tell us hello@zerobscrm.com

I hate this, I hate you, I hate life

Haters gonna hate 🙂 if you look up to the top right and you’ll see a little ‘x’..   hit it 🙂 but grab the free system first.